Summer City Suppers in BP and Willy


chossid-boro-parkIn 1980 almost immediately upon anointment as Satmar Rebbe, Rav Moshe Teitelbaum zt”l, late Satmar Rebbe and author of Beirach Moshe, inaugurated a program of organized summer suppers for those chassidishe men that remained in the city during the week while their families were in bungalow colonies in the Catskills. Forced to fend for themselves, husbands either burdened their parents or in-laws, prepared their own meals and ate alone, or frequented neighborhood restaurants.

The Satmar Rebbe wisely directed that nutritious and tasty meals be organized at considerable discount and served in proper settings. The very first effort was joined by Akiva Mendelowitz, Yidel Schlesinger, and Chaim Yehuda Weiss in the Zupnick building on Keap Street in Williamsburg. The meals were served in the lower level, after which diners were able to join their friends for learning and tefillah in the beis midrash above. The popularity and success of the project necessitated larger space. In the immediate years following its initial introduction, the suppers were served at the Satmar bazaar facility on Ross Street, and later at the Ohel Bracha Sima hall on Keap Street. In 2006, Satmar meals were served at Wythe Paradise.

This year, the summertime suppers are being served at the Sameach Tesamach hall, Monday through Thursdays, 6:00-9:00p.m, for men and, separately, for women. In addition, for those really on the go, pre-packed takeout meals are available for pick-up.

The Boro Park Satmar Beis Medrash on 52nd Street at New Utrecht Avenue has the same arrangement for men, Monday through Thursdays, 5:45-9:00p.m. In addition to Satmar, other chassidishe groups have successfully organized similar meal arrangements. The success of the summer supper programs is proof of their need.{ Newscenter/Machberes}


  1. I must complain true great food
    But very costly.
    Supper costs $12.00 per night x 4 days a week
    is almost $50.00
    an avrage person makes $850.00 a week
    7% supper tax ???

  2. I used to buy [last Summer] suppers in Sameiach Tsamach Hall.
    The Price is $9.00 Chicken Bottoms, and additional $1.00 (if you earn $850+ and can afford it…) for Chicken Cutlets etc.

    Its a real full meal (here’s an example):
    Liver Blintz w Mushroom Sauce
    Veg. Soup
    Stirfried Veg.
    Pickle Salad
    Sour Pickle
    Fruit Punch [if you eat there]

    Go to Sameiach Tsamach and get yourself a portion.
    (adittional Chicken Bottom: $2 = Cheaper then Raw ones…)


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