Supreme Court Rules Against Rabbi Ginsberg In Frequent Flyer Dispute


binyomin-ginsbergThe U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that an airline customer cannot sue after being thrown out of a frequent flyer program.

On a 9-0 vote, the court said Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg cannot pursue his claims against Northwest Airlines Corp, which ceased operations in 2010 after merging with Delta Air Lines Inc. He claimed breach of contract under Minnesota state law.

The court held the federal Airline Deregulation Act barred Ginsberg’s lawsuit. The act says states have no say in regulating the price, route or service of an air carrier.

Rabbi Ginsberg sued in 2009, saying he and his wife were thrown out of the program a year earlier for filing too many service complaints. He said the airline told him it took action in part because he allegedly sought compensation after booking reservations on full flights, knowing he would be bumped to another flight.

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  1. Baruch Hashem! I hope this will be a learning lesson to us Yidden to lay low during this long bitter galus. There is no need for us to get too “comfortable” in this land and start suing big corporations over narishkeit!

  2. I agree with Galus Yid.

    While I’m not sure we need to “lay low,” as long as we’re flying high, we ought to do so with yashrus and not hock the goyim about our rights and entitlements.

  3. To my dear friend, Reb Galus Yid,

    Would you go after a big corporation who stole $25,000 from you? If yes, then your comment is out of place and if not, your reasoning is also in galus.

    Suing a company for outright theft has nothing to do with being too comfortable in this land.

    Anyway, next year we should merit to all be gaulah yidden.

  4. apparently the supreme court thought enough of the case to take it on, which is no easy feat. additionally lower courts were inconsistent in their opinions which is why the supreme court accepted it.


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