Supreme Court to Hear Case On Marriage



The Supreme Court will address the question of whether there is a constitutional right to non-traditional marriage in America.

Today, the judges will hear oral arguments for two and a half hours on the main constitutional question and whether states must recognize same-gender “marriages” performed elsewhere.

The court is expected to issue its decision in June.

In 2013’s United States v. Windsor, the court struck down a prohibition on federal benefits for toeivah couples who were “wed” in toeivah-marriage states.

In October 2014, the court further advanced the cause of toeivah marriage by refusing to hear appeals from several states fighting court orders to begin same-gender marriage.

Now 36 states, holding 70 percent of the population, allow toeivah marriage. Read more at The New York Times.

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  1. There is no such thing as same gender “marriage” no matter what the SCOTUS says.

    These radical left-wing lobbyists pushing this have completely misused the word “marriage”.

    Bottom Line: “Marriage” can only be between a man and a woman.

  2. If Orthodox Jews in general would really have guts, they would step forward and draw a line in the sand and declare it to be what it is: a Sha’as Ha’Shmad

    They would look Kennedy and the Liberal Justices straight in the eye and challenge them to attempt to enforce it.Bring it on

    At the least,

    Our final recourse would be to promptly press for the complete and total abolition of legal and government status of the word Marriage for everyone.

    What right/reason – according to them even- should Government be involved in choosing who falls under the umbrella of ‘Marriage”?!

    If they decide to give financial rights, etc., perhaps there is little at present we can do.

    But the word Marriage?!

    Rather than allow it to be turned into a dagger piercing through the decent amongst us, we ought to push to have it removed to an exclusive personal, private, or local religious status {without remaining a part of government vocabulary

    Who really cares for it ?!

    Their only horrid purpose of using the critical term Marriage is to undermine us

    Do we allow them to further constrict us and remove our Rights and freedoms ?!

  3. They will be decide whether America’s sun is to set or will hang around still awhile

    “Whilst the last members were signing [the Constitution], Doctor Franklin, looking towards the Presidents chair, at the back of which a rising sun happened to be painted, observed to a few members near him, that painters had found it difficult to distinguish in their art, a rising, from a setting, sun. I have, said he, often and often, in the course of the session, and the vicissitudes of my hopes and fears as to its issue, looked at that behind the President, without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting; but now at length, I have the happiness to know, that it is a rising, and not a setting sun.”

  4. is New jersey &/or New York included in this list of 36 states?

    i.e. are YOU living in a toeaiva state?

    if you are, then you need to remove yourself from there immediately or you are telling Hashem that you approve of it Chas v’shalom.

  5. #4 chanoch:

    Yeh, here in New York, we do have SSM as the law of the land. N.J. Has a “watered down” version of it. Its the stupid voters who put these animals into office so they can impose such terrible laws against the majority of the citizens. Where should we go? Israel also has such a “Law”.

  6. #5 are you serious?

    the holy land of Israel approves SSM?

    I find that hard to believe
    this should be a top priority on their list tot change in eretz yisroel. if what your saying is true.


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