Survey: Nearly 80% Of Secular Israeli Jews Want Civil Marriage



A new survey reveals that 80 percent of secular Jews in Israel do not want to marry through the Rabbinate, with most of those preferring a civil marriage.

The survey, conducted by the Smith Institute for the Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality association, questioned 500 people who constituted a representative sample of adult Jews living in Israel. The respondents had to choose between four marriage options.

According to the results 51 percent said they prefer an Orthodox wedding, though this is a 17 percent drop from the most recent prior measurement by the association. Twenty-eight percent said they prefer a civil marriage, 17 percent said they prefer a Jewish Reform or Conservative wedding, and 4 percent said they prefer to cohabitate without getting married.

Among secular Jews a vast majority did not favor a religious marriage and preferred a civil ceremony. This finding is at odds with current Israeli law, which recognizes Jewish religious marriage only if conducted by an Orthodox rabbi under the authority of the Rabbinate, and does not allow civil marriage in Israel. However the marriages of couples who marry in a civil ceremony abroad are recognized by the state.

“The survey clearly proves that the number of Israeli couples who wish to free themselves from the Rabbinate’s chains is growing,” said Attorney Rabbi Uri Regev, the CEO of Hiddush, Yediot Achronot reported.




  1. are you for real reporting on a report commissioned by a so called reform Rabbi do you realize that you are advancing his agenda

  2. Why do you keep publishing self-serving surveys by a rabid anti-religious group like Hiddush?!They mean nothing except what Hiddush wants it to show-non one in their right mind would ever take Regev seriously

    That’s a great reliable source. You can’t get more impartial to religion than Hiddush, can you?

    Stop giving Uri Regev airtime. . His movement denies the divine origin of the Torah.

    First and foremost ,we all know how much these polls are worth
    They are called push polls :polls made to sway the public

    They surveyed a few people those who they thought would give them the results they wanted.

    Recently Hiddush claimed out the fact that “among the supporters of public transportation on Shabbos are 72% of voters for the Likud”

    while the number actually according to secular Israel Hayom was a minority of 47%

    Btw the basis for the stat that stated one third of Israelis getting married abroad was published by the same ludicrous source.

    The Chief Rabbi of Denmark was asked on Danish TV how he could support Bris if 75% of those polled in Denmark are opposed .

    His response:The zoo in Copenhagen recently put a giraffe to sleep even though some 75% of those polled were opposed to it.

    So how come?

    When something is right and necessary and,you do what you have to do and ignore the polls.

    The TV anchors laughed in agreement

    Btw the source that one third of Israelis getting married abroad was published by the same ludicrous source.

  3. Now one can understand why the Gedolim were so adamant with Ben Gerion that all marriages must be carried out by Orthodox Rabbis. Can you imagine what type of mess Klal Yisrael would be in right now if they weren’t? How many mamzerim there would be! How many people would be marrying goyim (such as Russians that came here along with the Jewish Russian immigration in the early 90?s) and producing goyishe kinder that proclaim they are jewish! It would be terrible!

    It doesn’t matter what the survey says, people will do what they want regardless.
    Often people just think that if they compromise, that other people will come around. Like parents, they want to blame themselves(in this case, the rabbinate for not being inclusive, understanding, etc. enough).
    If I just make this change or if we just compromise, surely they will see our ways are good and they’ll do the right thing.
    These people are like most liberals who think that compromise solves all the problems.
    It will not, the will to do the right thing has to come from within the person and the changes that these well meaning people advocate will only weaken the tzibur and confuse those who are still observant.
    Many of these people advocating change do not even realize how their enthusiasm for “religious freedom” is akin to the Hellenism of years ago.
    Is this a Jewish State or not?
    On what right do we claim Eretz Yisrael if not on the Divine Promise?
    True, there are problems, Russian immigrants, Diaspora Jewry with all their different movements, but these problems are not solved by creating new ones.
    People have to be responsible for their own failings, don’t we see that all over the world?

  4. just a thought; maybe if we increased our ahavas yisroel and a little more accepting of differences within the greater community of klal yisroel, less of our secular brethren would be disenchanted with yidishkeit.

    just a thought.

  5. These numbers are hardly surprising. Zionism, like other modern “Jewish” movements has failed miserably to preserve Jewish identity. Other recent polls suggest that 30% of Israelis would leave the country if they could (10% plus already have) and 60% of Israeli youth wish they hadn’t been born Jewish.

    to number 5:
    With all due respect, you have cause and effect backwards. The fact is that most Jews — reform, conservative, secular, “traditional” both in Israel and chutz l’aretz — have been indoctrinated since infancy that yiddishkeit is barbaric, primitive, outdated and destined for the trash heap of history while secular liberalism and ethnic nationalism are held up as the “true” identity of the Jewish people. Accepting the differences, as you suggest, merely waters down the definition of yiddishkeit and morphs it into something alien… which is exactly what the modernizers want!

  6. My comments on this website mostly are not posted because it is not a forum of different opinions, it is an agenda.

  7. Mind this article. The reality is that the unorthodox want nothing to do with Torah. This is indeed a relevant article and not a standing hate of the rights of a Torah Jew to look at our society.

    We must find our values so that we can do Kiruv.

    That way, we have avenues to be successful with the unorthodox.

    Still, this is a horrible conversation to learn and we can only hope that ALL Jewish marriage is TORAH BASED.

    Otherwise, there is hate in Israel and we are destined for conversations with Hashem instead of human feelings with eachother.

    That is not the best conversation.

    Never Again. We must do Kiruv.

  8. #5
    Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch was defamed as much or more than anyone in his day as a destroyer of achdus and for his lack of ahavas yisroel


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