Suspect In Burning Of Williamsburg Mezuzos Claims He’s Innocent: “I Don’t Even Like Fires”


ruben-ubilesNew York – Police are still questioning a suspect in a string of apparent hate crimes in Brooklyn.

Rubin Ubiles, 35, remains in police custody. He’s suspected of torching a dozen mezuzahs over two days at two different apartment buildings in Williamsburg, police said.

Police believe Ubiles was the person seen on surveillance video Tuesday, lighting a match inside a building on Clymer Street in Williamsburg where a mezuzah was later found burned.

On Monday, 11 mezuzahs were found torched about a block away in the same housing development in a building on Taylor Street.

Police identified Ubiles as the suspect by using facial recognition computer software and took him into custody Wednesday.

But on his Facebook page, Ubiles denied having any involvement and left a typo-riddled post proclaiming his innocence.

“I’m going to get my name cleared. I don’t even like fires; been threw (sic) too many of those to attempt to threaten a community thats (sic) has not violated me. Give me the benefit of the doubt,” he wrote.

Ubiles often stays with his grandmother, Petra Velazquez, who lives five doors down from a synagogue. She said her grandson wasn’t responsible for the burnings.

“He say that he don’t do that,” she said.

Ubiles’ criminal history includes 52 arrests on charges, including robbery, drugs, auto theft and assault. His most recent arrest was on Feb. 3.

So far, police have not pressed any charges in connection with the burnings.

Source: CBS 2 LOCAL

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