Suspected Subway Pusher Claims Victim ‘Attacked’


subway-pusherThe man accused of pushing a New York City subway straphanger onto the tracks to his death allegedly confessed to the crime-but said on Wednesday that the victim had threatened him first.

“He attacked me, he grabbed me,” Naeem Davis, 30, reportedly told police.

Davis pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ki Suk Han, 58, who was struck by a subway train on Monday after allegedly being pushed onto the tracks by Davis.

Davis also claimed Han was drunk and brandished something resembling a knife.

Assistant District Attorney James Lin told the judge that Davis watched Han get struck by the train and then calmly picked up his coat and coffee cup and exited the station. Read more at New York Post.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Yes, that makes sense! He started up with me so I might as well throw him in front of a moving train! What a great defense! The scary thing, is that he’ll probably get off! I’m sure the “innocent” photographer will be there to capture the victory meal!

  2. Could be he didn’t intend to push I’m in front of a train just to push him but then he lost his footing and fell onto the tracks. On trial should be all the people who just stood around and watched but didn’t try to save the guy. Just nauseating.

  3. Yeah poshiter yidineh, like you would have jumped on to the tracks and put your life in danger. Big talker. All these chachomim have big deyois yet if they were to be there at the time, they would have done nothing either


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