Video: Swastika Painted On Speaker Silver’s Shul


bialystoker-shul[Video below.] Police are investigating after a swastika was found yesterday painted on the inside of a Manhattan shul. A swastika and a derogatory word were painted on an inside door of the Bialystoker Shul on East Broadway. A smoke bomb was set off, as well. State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has attended the shul since he was a child and said he was furious to discover what had happened. “This is a crime, not against the synagogue; this is a crime against society,” said the assemblyman. “When people choose to desecrate a house of worship, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a church, a synagogue. It is just a despicable act that really should tug at the heartstrings of all of us.”

Silver said surveillance cameras nearby may have caught the perpetrators.

For a video report, click below:

[media id=104 width=400 height=300]

{NY1/ Newscenter}


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