Swedish Police Criticized for Including Palestinian Flag on List of Terrorist Symbols



In light of several Swedish teenagers becoming radicalized and traveling to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS, Swedish police recently distributed a list of terrorist logos to high school principals so they could be on the lookout for early signs of potential trouble among their student populations.

A controversy has erupted because one of the terror logos listed, that of the Abu Nidal Organization,uses the PLO flag as its logo.

Jonas Hysing, director of the National Tactical Council that shared the list with the schools, noted that it was not uncommon for terror organizations to use symbols that have been used in other ways, for example ISIS using Mohammed’s creed.

Green Party member Niclas Persson is the mayor of Orebro, one of the towns that distributed the list to school principals. He said “It is important that this is accurate. The material is of course designed to warn us if an organization’s symbol is being used. The biggest problem is linking the Palestinian freedom struggle with terrorism. It’s very unfortunate.”

Jonas Hysing said, “It is possible that we add some text that the symbols are often used in multiple ways. But the symbol is used by a designated terrorist organization, and it is up to the Swedish police to inform their employees about it.”

The list of logos came from the US National Counterterrorism Center. However, their list of logos are not comprehensive – they list 52 terror groups and only 40 logos.

Among all the hand-wringing over how unfortunate it is that the PLO flag is listed under Abu Nidal Organization, no one in Sweden seems to upset that two flags over is the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades,which Mahmoud Abbas apparently has no problem with even though they are part of the Fatah party that he heads. He claimed that it was dismantled years ago, but they are still alive and kicking and publicly walking around the West Bank with masks and weapons.

Palestinian Arabs don’t blink when their flag is associated with terror groups. Which means that the inclusion of the Palestinian flag in a list of symbols for teachers and law enforcement to look out for as an indication of potential terror activity is quite appropriate, despite the politically correct crowd.

After all, when you see a PLO flag in Europe, 90 percent of the time it is meant to call for the destruction of Israel, not for any “pro-Palestinian” reason.

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