Swim Safely with Chesed of Lakewood

Backyard swimming pool and patio

As a sweltering heat wave continues to hold us in its grip, many seek their relief in the pool. While a wonderful summer pastime, swimming holds  the potential for real tragedy, the likes we have already unfortunately seen already this summer.

When a swimming emergency occurs, time is of the essence. Every second counts with a drowning victim, and often some of those precious seconds are wasted in panic-induced confusion, while swimmers try to figure out the address of the pool they are using.

Chesed of Lakewood has taken the initiative to prevent tragedy with their pool safety program. The program aimed to upgrade pool safety by providing beautiful coroplast signs proclaiming the pool’s address and the local Hatzolah’s number, to be hung within the pool vicinity.

Chesed of Lakewood obtained a sponsor to subsidize part of the cost of these signs, which come with  everything needed to hang them efficiently. Of course, a program is only as effective as its participants’ interest, and this is where so many pool owners demonstrated their passion for safety and their commitment to keeping their pools as safe as possible. In the first two years of the program, hundreds of pools in Lakewood, Jackson, Toms River, Deal and its environs ordered signs and Chesed of Lakewood is now opening the program to pool owners across the United States.

The signs are available twenty-four hours a day online at www.colsafety.org.



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