Swine Flu and Immunizations for the Frum Community: An Expert Speaks


understanding_your_childs_health Vaccines and swine flu are two medical issues that have been consistently in the headlines recently. Vaccines, against the protestations of the medical establishment, are vilified by some parents and blamed for various disorders. Swine flu, depending on the day and the news outlet, is either fading away or strengthening; a passing inconvenience or a deadly threat. Most recently, the two have been in the news together, as a national drive to inoculate America against swine flu has begun.

While the threat of swine flu and the resultant need for a vaccine appear even more urgent than that of measles or diphtheria, the outcome of another recent mass swine flu inoculation, in 1976, raises uncomfortable associations. The memories of a bungled mass immunization in 1976, coupled with general unease toward vaccinations, makes the prospect of standing in line at the doctors office, pharmacy, or school nurse, a matter of doubt and indecision.

What should people do about the swine flu vaccine campaign? Is the vaccine necessary? Is it safe for children? What about expectant mothers? Has anything been done to make this vaccine safer than the vaccines in 1976 that were, in hindsight, counterproductive?

What about immunizations in general? What are the side effects, if any, of the vaccinations that are routinely given to children? Do the risks outweigh the benefits? Why must children be inoculated against diseases that nobody gets anymore? Is there any truth to the suggested association between vaccinations and autism?

Dr. Susan Schulman is perhaps the best known pediatrician in Brooklyn. Her expertise in pediatric medicine comes from thirty plus years in the field, covering three generations of patients. Her recently published book Understanding Your Child’s Health focuses on some of the important medical and health related issues that face parents today. The book was enthusiastically received by both reviewers and consumers.

Buy Understanding Your Child’s Health: http://israelbookshoppublications.com/ProductDetail.asp?PID=2472

Read The Intermountain Jewish News’s review of Understanding Your Child’s Health: http://www.ijn.com/columns/view-from-denver/1227-how-not-to-get-fat-over-the-holidays

Read The Long Island Jewish Star’s Review of Understanding Your Child’s Health: http://thejewishstar.wordpress.com/2009/09/29/two-books-parents-should-know-about-understanding-your-childs-health-by-susan-k-schulman/

Read Matzav.com‘s Review of Understanding Your Child’s Health: http://matzav.com/book-review-understanding-your-childs-health

One of the topics that Dr. Schulman tackles in Understanding Your Child’s Health is that of immunizations. She elaborates on the various diseases that she would regularly diagnose, until immunizations nearly wiped them out. She reports on how some of these diseases have cropped up again, in children who were not immunized because of autism fears.

Dr. Schulman will be lecturing on swine flu, immunizations, and related topics at the Young Israel – Beth El of Boro Park on Motzei Shabbos, October 24th, at 9 PM. The title of the lecture is “Swine Flu Vaccine, MMR Vaccine, DPT Vaccine – Do They Cause Harm?”

The cost of the lecture is a donation of $15. The lecture is scheduled for Dr. Schulman will be signing copies of Understanding Your Child’s Health, which will also be available for sale. Hearing Dr. Schulman lecture on the swine flu vaccine and other immunizations will open people’s eyes to the realities of immunizations and contagious diseases; and will settle the “immunization debate” once and for all.

Understanding Your Child’s Health is also available at Judaica stores everywhere, or from Israel Book Shop Publications, 732-901-3009

 {Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Hope there’s a follow up to this for us out of towners. My son has an autoimmune condition, is doing very well, B”H but still on immunosuppressants. We get the flu shot every year but I’m very nervous about the swine flu. I would value her opinion.

  2. According to newspapers, the swine flu vaccine is the same exact thing as the regular one, except with this particular strain. It seems that each year in March, they put in the most common versions of the virus, and when they started to do that in ’09 the swine flu strain wasn’t ready yet so they made another one in May for swine flu.

  3. Try getting the swine flu shot if your over 65.
    Appearantly, the Obama administartion, is restricting the distribution of the swine flu shot, to those under 65 years old.
    Perhaps, this is the begining of the new health plan formulated by the Obama administration, to allow old people to become sick and then withholding medical assistance.

  4. One cannot comment on the safety of the swine flu vaccine when it was barely tested-the insert that comes with the vaccine states that it was tested on only 31 children! and how long was the follow up-2 weeks? It’s being recommended for pregnant women but the insert says that they did not test it on pregnant women and do not know it’s effect on the unborn child! Any doctor who holds from all the vaccines will not say anything against any vaccine regardless how unnecessary or unsafe so save your $15. Follow the money trail and then you’ll understand why this vaccine is being pushed on everybody. Stick around until the end of the winter and then count up the side effects and that’ll give you a better idea of it’s safety.

  5. But if it’s the same basic vaccine, just loaded with a different version of the virus, then what’s the difference?

    I’m curious about all the natural health/homeopaths, etc., who say to look who’s getting rich. Aren’t “natural health practitioners” making a hearty buck with little to no training requirements and supervision?


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