Swiss Tourism Official Pens Complaint Letter Against ‘Jewish Guests’


A tourism official from the Davos area in Switzerland penned a letter complaining about the behavior of Jewish visitors, which was then translated into Hebrew and posted publicly at hotels, HAARETZ reports.

Reto Branschi, who heads the tourism office of the Davos skiing village and that of nearby Klosters, on July 16 sent to the Jewish community of Davos a letter titled: “Subject: Jewish guests visiting Davos in summer,” the Sudost Schweiz news website reported on Saturday.

In the letter to local Jewish community leader Rafi Mosbacher, Branschi wrote that “There have been complaints that diapers and other waste simply gets left behind in the woods,” that “Playgrounds have been taken up by large groups, leaving no room for small families,” and that during two tours at a local cheese factory in 2017 and 2018 “Jewish guests held their noses, disturbing some of the other participants.” Mosbacher had the letter translated to Hebrew and Yiddish, HAARETZ says.

In his letter, Branschi also suggested abuse by charedi guests of guest cards, “which allows free use of the cable car and other benefits.” The guests, he said, “lose them more often than average.” Paying Jewish guests “use the most popular bus tour only to go to the cemetery. This is unfair because it takes up seats for guests who want to complete the whole tour,” Branschi wrote. Some guests are not registered in reservation forms, he went on to write, calling this “unfair to other guests.” Guests take baby buggies on guided tours “that are clearly marked as unsuitable” for babies and “leave children unsupervised.”

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  1. this is very painful because i fear it is true. why do some people think that rules dont apply to them? even if it’s not totally true, even if some other people are involved as well, if we are blamed then we are doing something wrong

    • The only thing that’s true is that you are a Stockholm syndrome sufferer. The goyim would always have irrational complaints about Yiden – it is our responsibility to be don lechad zechus, and not to sympathise with the enemy.

  2. I can appreciate what they are saying but I am wondering if they ever found cause to complain about Muslims and if so would they dare voice it

  3. If you don’t know how to behave in public, you should stay home. And, don’t play the anti-semitism card if your conduct is a chillul-Hashem.

    • With a heart filled with ahavas Yisrael you wouldn’t so quickly believe the Goyim’s criticism of Jews – especially if it was reported in a self-hating anti-Semitic newspaper; Am Haaretz, no less. At the most, there might have been one little incident – of perhaps even a child – and they blew it out of proportion. Mark my words.

      • Unfortunately what they say is true and then some, I witnessed it myself and don’t come with this stupid argument about ahavas yisroel and anti-semitism this attitude creates anti-semitism,
        I just witnessed a case last night I was in Fleischmann’s where a new take out store was opened and the owner doesn’t care about garbage bags with food laying around behind the store which attract bears, Lo and behold I went out for a stroll and almost crossed paths with a bear looking for her 3 cubs she could have attacked me.
        A local resident complained to me that the hasidim act like pigs and don’t care about rules.
        I am a chusid

  4. Now we can understand the meaning of the words, umi kiamcha Yisroel goy echad baeretz. Who is like the Yidden one nation in the land. What does it mean we are echad – one? The answer is obvious the nations of the world look at us, not as individual people or families that are coming to enjoy themselves. They look at us and judge us as one group. We must be cognizant of this when we vacation (or wherever we are). You are not on display. WE are on display. Your actions and my actions, reflect negatively or hopefully positively on all Yidden. Have a great rest of the summer.

  5. Jaws drop. They might be right if the families are careless. I guess not when we have to smell treif cheese. Why did we go to that factory?

    Small choices for jews in Europe. A good guess is that Hitler gave them back their goals. No family with dignity.

    To their trash too. Maybe they can just push upon their own stock of mood and faith. Hold your nose. They are all coming too.


  6. I just came back
    In a town of 12000 year round residents & for 3 weeks 5000-6000 yidden come in it is overwhelming & they look for things to complain about
    Realistically, we support their economy very strongly, true 1 out of 100 have a mishap with a diaper left behind ( no pun intended) but overall we are great for them if they would stop looking at only the negetive

    • The bottom line is that the goyim are completely irrational in their whining. The very least we can do, is to realize that goyim are manipulative liers and have a not-so-hidden sinas-Yisroel agenda.

  7. Huh???

    What is wrong with the way they used the tour bus that payed for????

    What is wrong if they are touching their own nose?????

    What is wrong if they use the park and playground?????? ‘First come, first serve’ is the way every single park works.

    That use guest cards, that they earned? Nu. They are using it legally. You can be assured that this vile anti-semite would not allow them to use it illegally.

  8. I was there this last two weeks and these are the facts. the Yidden do 90% of the time keep it clean and maybe they are not perfect.
    BUT. the goyim rarely take effort to accomodate and are very quick to complain. As you step out of line “Vell dis is forbidden” and “you cannot do dis or I vill have to call ze police” etc.
    Its not about antisemitism, its just as soon as they see we dress different and look different they already get all tense judgmental and critical.
    The goyim there are so locked into their strict routine lifestyle they just cant bear anybody thinking for themselves.


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