Switch Confusion


zman-switchDear Matzav,

Due to the recent tumult regarding the use of electricity on Shabbos, it seems that many people are confusing “Zman Switch” created by Zman Technologies with “Kosher Switch” produced by an unrelated company.

We wish to clarify that Zman Technologies is an electrical engineering company that works hand in hand with rabbonim including Rabbi Belsky, Rabbi Shlomo Miller and many others to create solutions that enhance Shemiras Shabbos and does not look to find “heterim” or a way out. ZMAN Technologies’ primary mission is strict Shabbos observance and innovation to assist the frum Kehila to stay in stride with modern advancements.

The flagship product called the “Zman Switch” represents this mission. Zman Switch is an elegantly designed light switch that intuitively locks each Shabbos preventing accidental Chilul Shabbos and automatically reverts to regular weekday function after Shabbos is over without user input! In addition, timers can be set for each Yom Tov throughout the year accommodating the ever changing schedules of a frum home and eliminating the need to readjust timers each Shabbos or Yom Tov.

Zman Switch is the light switch created by Zman Technologies to enhance Shemiras Shabbos and is the only light switch UNIVERSALLY endorsed by a broad cross section of Rabbonim.

For more information visit the company website at www.zmantechnologies.com.


Eli Antebi

Marketing & Sales

Zman Technologies

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The Zman Switch does NOT need to be touched on Shabbos at all – Am I right?????

    while the supposedly “Kosher Switch” needs to be opened & closed on Shabbos. – Am I right???

  2. So, Cohen, you’re basically saying that because some clothes aren’t Tzniyus, you shouldn’t wear clothes? Some restaurants aren’t Kosher, so you shouldn’t step into any? Be careful with your words. You seem to be implying that it doesn’t make a difference if a switch has the Gedolim’s Haskamos; if another switch on the market doesn’t, then it’s better to just avoid all of them! I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous.


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