Syrian Paper Blames Mossad For Killing Top Missile Expert


A pro-government Syrian paper on Sunday accused the Israeli Mossad of being behind the killing of a top research director at a military agency linked to Syria’s chemical weapons program.

The al-Watan newspaper reported on its website that Aziz Azbar, of the Scientific Studies and Research Center, died in a blast targeting his car Saturday night, in Syria’s Hama province.

It said Israel was suspected of carrying out the attack. Israeli officials, past and present, refused to comment on the accusations.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Can’t be because Syria doesn’t have a chemical weapons program therefore they obviously don’t have a chemical weapons scientist working on them so it must be someone else who was killed…..

  2. Regardless of who carried out the killing, nice job. It’s no different than a surgeon removing a tumor from a patient.


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