System Ensures All Lakewood Students Have Schools


bais-faigaA recent situation surrounding a group of parents who pulled their daughters from a Lakewood, NJ, elementary school has brought about some confusion amongst some people, and many rumors have gained lives of their own and unsubstantiated online reports and comments. 

Regarding the situation, it involves one elementary school, has learned, whose personnel changes may have left a gap in the mosad.  Some families decided to remove their daughters from the school. Many of these parents applied to other schools; some were successful, but others were not and were then left stranded.  Those students meet each day with a teacher privately and will continue to do so until the matter is resolved, was told.

“The parents may not have realized that despite whatever considerations they had, by leaving they may be left school-less for their daughters,” was told.  The current situation notwithstanding, all involved are working l’shem Shomayim to resolve the matter, according to many involved.

Perhaps more important and consequential than the short term issues facing this particular school, is the fact that after much effort and thought, an organized system has been put in place to ensure that all elementary and high school children in the Ihr HaTorah of Lakewood are ensured a spot in school, a project that was undertaken by various Lakewood askanim, under the direct guidance of Maran Harav Aharon Leib Shteinman, intended to prevent a situation such as the one that existed a number of years ago, when a number of students were left without a school to go. 

This system is undergoing constant refinement. This year alone a new innovation was introduced, with every applicant to girl’s high schools asked to apply to at least three out of the six high schools in Lakewood. This helped ensure an on-time opening for the high schools and prevented much agmas nefesh to all.  In previous years, some parents would apply to only one school; if not accepted, they would then apply to another a few weeks before the school year, and naturally not everyone had a place by the start of the school year.  The high schools, askanim and parents, under the guidance of the Roshei Yeshiva, Mashgiach and Rabbonim, all worked together to successfully implement this new concept. spoke with several active askanim of the community to gain insight and guidance on what can be conveyed to the public regarding the more specific problem that arose with the one particular school.

Boruch Hashem, in Lakewood, 99% of the schools are running smoothly,” related one askan. “The school system is vibrant and healthy, and throughout Lakewood, boys and girls are receiving a top-notch chinuch from acclaimed mechanchim.  “As a growing community such as this one,” added the askan, “many new schools are needed each year – and we are fortunate that some 10 new ones have opened in the past two years alone – to help meet the need.  We all owe a huge debt of thanks to those dedicated parents and unsung individuals who year after year have stepped up to create high quality new mosdos in Lakewood.”  

Every once in awhile, there are problems that do arise that deserve careful attention and the recent event is one such example.

“This situation has been given much attention and more will be given until, be’ezras Hashem, it is fully resolved,” an askan said.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. The system is not perfect and can never be . I know of a girl thast applied to 3 schools and was not accepted . This is understandable ,as some of the older schools are always full and had they applied to school 4 or 5 they would have gotten in . Now they ended up in school 6 but at least they are somewhere .

    It is impossible to make everybody happy when the demand is so great .

  2. it is not considered that they don’t have a school they should of waited till they had a place and also how come no boys backed out it is the same sitaution

  3. Perfect time to stop and think about the communities in ISRAEL which are forbidden to start, build, erect any new schools for kindergarden and pre-schoolers.
    JUST IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT: THe edict is in, no more homes, additions, shuls, schools, stores, medical clinics to be built in Lakewood. Your tefillos would be geared to shamayim, so now daven for us in Beitar, Kiryat Sefer, Nvei Yakov, Efrat, Shiloh, and Modiim.


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