Take That Obama: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Vowed To Die For Islam


tamerlan-tsarnaev1Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev sent text messages to his mother as early as 2011 suggesting he was willing to die for Islam, the FBI told lawmakers this week according to two officials with knowledge of the Capitol Hill briefing.

Tsarnaev, who was killed days after the April 15 bombing in a shootout with police, is said to have embraced radical Islam in recent years and recruited his younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to carry out the attack that killed three and wounded more than 180 near the finish line of the world’s most prestigious road race.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was caught alive but wounded on Friday and charged with use of a weapon of mass destruction, for which he could get the death penalty.

The FBI filed a federal criminal complaint against the 19-year-old on Sunday, and federal District Court Judge Marianne Bowler arrived at the hospital where he is being treated to preside over his initial hearing Monday, when she read him his Miranda rights.

But Fox News’ sources say there was confusion about Bowler’s timing, with some voicing concerns that investigators were not given enough time to question Dzhokhar under the “public safety exception” invoked by the Justice Department.

Two officials with knowledge of the FBI briefing on Capitol Hill said the FBI was against stopping the investigators’ questioning and was stunned that the judge, Justice Department prosecutors and public defenders showed up, feeling valuable intelligence may have been sacrificed as a result.

The FBI had been questioning Tsarnaev for 16 hours before the judge called a start to the court proceeding, officials familiar with the Capitol Hill briefing told Fox News.

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  1. The “Justice” Department does what it does to benefit Obama, not the nation. In this case, they may have wanted to prevent embarrassing disclosures by the accused.

  2. What an absolutely ridiculous immature headline. When are you all going to write in a way that brings some credit to a frum website? Why is respectable speech so hard for you to adhere to?

  3. “Take that Obama”? Was our president guilty of some conspiracy?

    Matzav, your jewish esteem is worse than a fearful beggar.

  4. Matzav, no one, not me, you, or the President, ever had any doubt about the fact that there are radical Muslims out there who would live to die for the cause. This sites blatant hatred for President Obama is not only wrong, it is ignorant. If the site feels that there is a legitimate reason to argue with something he says or does, you have every right to post it. But this title and many before it show a disgusting lack of judgement, and can potentially cause a massive chillul Hashem. Be reasonable.


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