Talmud Torah Toras Yisroel to Open in Lakewood



Lakewood, NJ – The emotions filling the air in the room is palpable. The shared goal of every attendant is a mission that no Jewish father has ever taken lightly. It is the lofty responsibility of Chinuch and building generations of Ehrliche Jewish children.

It didn’t start here though. This night was a culmination of many months of hard work. The board members, assembled staff and dedicated parents had previously spent countless hours poring over every detail in ensuring the successful launch of a school that will be true to its name: Toras Yisroel.

The school’s establishment by a braintrust of devoted Askunim was to fill a vital need in the growing Lakewood community. As many Heimish and Chasidish families were moving out to greener pastures in and around Lakewood, there was a crucial need for a Talmud Torah that will accommodate these parents who wish to raise their kids in the Torah’dig atmosphere of Lakewood while adhering to their Chasidish roots.

It wasn’t easy, but when it comes to Chinuch Habanim, failure wasn’t an option. Unlike most new schools, Toras Yisroel felt the urgent need to start with classes from kindergarten up until 9th grade. Despite the logistical and economical challenges this presents, the determination of the founders was unwavering.

A dedicated group of Ba’alei Batim formed a board to ensure that the new school’s financial foundation is sound. In conjunction, A Va’ad Hachinuch was established to set guidelines and criteria for the Chinuch that the dear students will receive. This Va’ad is led by Rav Moshe Paneth Shlit”a, known as the Dezher Rebbi and a famed educator at Yeshiva Mesoras Avos, along with Rav Yisroel Newman Shlit”a, the Sgan Menhael at Beis Avraham in Lakewood. Additionally, substantial efforts were put in so that the general studies department is up-to-par in meeting the needs of our time.

On this night, a feeling of Jewish Achrayis permeated the air as parents and faculty of the fledgling school met for a night of inspiration and discussion. Present at the event were the heads of the institution, as well as the esteemed members of the Va’ad and board. Parents were also enthusiastic to have had present the Menahel, Rav Naftuli Horowitz, who has many years of experience in the field being a highly respected Mechanech in Toronto.

Rav Malkiel Kotler was the keynote speaker. He shared with parents on how Lakewood will be enhanced by this new Talmud Torah in its midst. Rav Kotler stressed how vital Mesorah and Chinuch are in ensuring the continuity of Klal Yisroel. The warm words of the Rosh Yeshiva were a moral boost to the parents, many of whom are new to the area and felt the warm welcome of the established Lakewood community.

As August 28th, the start of the upcoming school year, comes near, final touches are being put in place so that Toras Yisroel can start off on the right foot. The Ihr Hatorah of Lakewood is undoubtedly beginning a new proud era to add to its glorious history as the leading Torah city of our times.


  1. Kol hakavod to the RY Rav Malkiel Shlita!

    Asides that Lakewood needs each and every TT they can get – BH for promoting diversity and mekarev all diff Yiden!!


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