Tartikover Beis Din’s Statement On Boro Park Meat Story, With Matzav.com Translation


tartikov-small1[Full letter below, in Hebrew and English.] The Tartikover Beis Din, led by Harav Naftoli Meir Babad, Harav Avrohom Halberstam, and Harav Menachem Shmuel Teitelbaum, released a statement late last night in response to the recent incident at Cheskel’s Schwarma King (reported with analysis here on Matzav.com). We present the original letter , along with a free English translation provided by Matzav.com.

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{Dovid Bernstein & Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. the problem is that by this story Tartikov failed, and the outside rabunim that where @ the scene monday night found a lot of violations to so called Tartikov standards (not chas veshulem treif)

  2. I don’t get it . Why is there such a commotion when a story like this breaks out. But people knowingly transgress serious aveiros daily without flinching. The same people that would freak out if they ate a treif frankfurter accidently , would transgress aveiros such as geneivah , loshon hora , chilul hashem and much more. Why can’t people be so particular on those aveiros the same way they are so particular on Kashrus? I am not trying to belittle the story but people should be consistant with their religion. If they claim to be religious, don’t pick and choose. Do whats right all accross the board .

  3. I am a mashgiach in the kosher food service business. it is common practice to send out employees for food.the — just requires that the mashgiach be notified before the employee is sent out & the food be shown to the mashgiach when he gets back.
    in this case the employee should not have been fired. he was just trying to do his job.it is putting the blame in the wrong place. what about causing the worker to become an ante Semite?

    the major national hashgachos require a mashgiach temiti in a meat restaurant. it is just the heimishe hashagchos that rely on the owner.


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