Taste Of Their Own Medicine: Hamas Militant Killed By Suicide Bomber In Gaza


A suicide bomber blew himself up in the southern Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing a Hamas militant who was trying to stop the attacker from crossing into Egypt, Hamas announced.

It marked the first time that Hamas, which has carried out dozens of suicide attacks over the years targeting Israelis, was itself struck in such an assault. The Hamas-run Interior Ministry said five other Hamas security forces and an accomplice of the bomber were wounded.

The ministry described the assailant and his colleague as “ideologically deviant” — a term Hamas uses to describe members of the Islamic State group and other extremists. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Read more at ABC NEWS.



  1. Ha. I love it. The only shaila is, who gets the reward, the bomber, the “victim”, or both? Chalukay deos. We’ll need a very chashuva Imam to pasken such a complicated shaila.

  2. Hamas “militant” This is the problem! This is what they hate from our honest President Trump says it the way it is. Fake news must stop being PC and say the truth Hamas TERRORIST.


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