Tears of Purity: Girl Begs Hashem to Bring Back Our Boys

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  1. very erliche girl, so sweet.

    However, I do not know if it is the best idea to expose your children to these kind of news stories at such an age. she seemed really disturbed by the story. I wouldnt expose my kids at such an age if I knew they would be so disturbed.

  2. I agree, a little, with Comment #1.
    One has to be very careful with causing fright in such a young child. She might start to think that it can happen to her R”L. She may develop nightmares. I did not tell my younger children. One has to be on a certain level of maturity to comprehend what’s taking place. The kid talking to the girl sounded like a real idiot.

  3. agree with therapist! Children so young should not be made so aware with so much clarity of such a terrible tragedy – so as to bring them to deep felt tears.

    (and all for what? A publicized sound bite?)

  4. I agree with all the above. But our decision was taken out of our hands when our young child came home from school and said they were told ALL about the boys taken and to daven for them. Chinuch stolen!

  5. i told my children, and do think it is important for them to hear, however, on the chinuch aspect, why is the mother telling the little girl she will ‘send this to Hashem?!’ and to the boys?! is this where technology has led us, that we lead our children to believe that if we want to Hashem to hear our tefillos, we have to send him a video?to her child i dod not agree with the mothers response

  6. chinuch stolen???
    I think this is precious! what wonderful chinuch from a mother who knows that the best armor and shield she can give her child is turning to HaShem with everything, and for others as well as herself. who knows how klal yisrael are benefiting from her tears?! and i am sure she was not told explicit graphic details of danger. may her tears help bring them home, and may she be comforted! besides, it is in all the papers and people are talking about it in schools, shuls and home, don’t blame the mummy for intending to pain her child – i am sure that was not so – she is helping her cope the kosher way. do you give your children that? why do you find it so strange? kids do not always take to heart even when they hear, this little zadeikes is a sweetheart that could unlock heavens gates.


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