Ted Cruz: Kerry Should Resign Over Israel ‘Apartheid’ Remark


sen-ted-cruzSecretary of State John Kerry has backed off his comment that Israel would risk becoming an “apartheid state” if it didn’t pursue a peace deal with the Palestinians. But Sen. Ted Cruz still wants him to resign.

Calling Kerry’s comments “extremely troubling,” the Texas Republican told Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” on Monday that Kerry’s words should be seen in the context of five years of the administration of President Barack Obama.

The current White House has “the most hostile relationship the United States has had to Israel in modern times,” Cruz said, citing Obama’s unilateral demand in 2011 that Israel recede to its 1967 borders.

Cruz told Fox that Kerry’s words “will be repeated by anti-Semites throughout the world,” including in Europe and Iran. The United States is negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran, and Israel has said it fears that country is attempting to build a nuclear weapon to use against it.

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  1. Also, it is interesting to note that Obama has not raised a scintilla of protest about Kerry’s racist remark nor has he taken Kerry to task over it.

    Either Kerry had Obama’s “haskama” to call Israel racist or Obama could not care less about it.

    In conclusion, Kerry, with Obama’s ostensible backing, has once again equated Zionism with racism.

  2. Mr. Kerry: there is already is an “apartheid” state in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia. When will you speak to that?


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