Teen Heart Recipient Steals Car, Dies



A 17-year-old who recently received a heart transplant died on Tuesday after a high-speed chase led him to crash a stolen car in Roswell, Georgia. Anthony Stokes had kicked in an elderly woman’s door, shot at her, and fled with her car.

In 2013, Stokes was almost denied his transplant because his doctors felt he would be “non-compliant” with treatment, but Stokes’ parents believed they wouldn’t put him on the list because of his reputation for bad behavior.

At the time, he was wearing a court-ordered monitoring device after many brushes with the law.

Due to the national attention and pressure from family and civil rights groups, the hospital granted him his heart in 2013. Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I can’t imagine the pain of #2 in the list, if he/she is still alive, and his/her loved ones. Actually this person was first in place: he/she was the patient with the most urgent need for a heart, before the politically correctness storm took strength and Mr Stokes was reinstated on the list, in place #1 as his dilatative miocardiopathy was extremely severe.

    The doctors never discussed the concept of deserving, they don’t and should not make such evaluations, they simply pointed out that Mr Stokes was not likely to follow the lifestyle, medications, checkups that are needed for a heart transplant recipient. Their opinion has tragically been proved correct.

    Let me add I also agree with comment #1. But still I have pity on Mr Stokes. It is obvious he was used for political purposes and for advancing an agenda, and in actuality, no one cared for him and his health, and no one made efforts to support this young man in guarding his health and his transplanted heart, i.e. extra decades of life.


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