Tefillos for Bochur Seriously Injured in Early-Morning Crash


Three yeshiva bochurim were injured in a car crash early this morning near the border of Lakewood, NJ, and Brick, NJ.

One of the bochurim, Yudi, is in very serious condition. Matzav.com spoke to the family of the bochur, who is currently at Jersey Shore Medical Center. The family asked that readers continue to daven for Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila.

Yudi, who hails from Monsey, NY, and is a talmid at a bais medrash-level yeshiva in the Lakewood area, was seated in the back seat of a Nissan Altima, when a Dodge Durango ran a red light at the intersection of Route 70 and Chambers Bridge Road and slammed into the bochurim’s vehicle. There were two bochurim seated in the front seats of the car. They are in stable condition.

The Altima flipped over several times before coming to a stop on the grass.

Yudi suffered internal injuries and other complications. His family is at his side, davening for his full recovery.

Rabbi Yehuda Kaszirer from Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim was on hand to assist, as was Rabbi Ingber and others. The family is deeply grateful for their efforts.

May we only hear besuros tovos.

Update, 11:45 a.m.: The family tells Matzav.com that Yudi is in critical condition.

Update, 12:15 a.m.: Various gedolei Torah, including Rav Yaakov Edelstein, Rav Shimon Galei and Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, have been consulted and have given brachos for a refuah sheleimah. Rav Chaim Kanievsky advised the family to learn Maseches Arachin as a zechus for Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila. A segulah suggested by Rav Mordechai Aderet was also performed.

Update, 12:45 p.m.: The family tells Matzav.com that Yudi will be undergoing a second surgery shortly. The procedure is expected to take about an hour. All are asked to daven and learn in Yudi’s zechus. You can find the text of kappitlach of Tehillim here.

Update, 1:30 p.m.: A group of talmidim at Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim, led by Rav Binyomin Cohen, maggid shiur at the yeshiva, went to the Kosel to daven for Yehuda Nesanel ben Basha Baila. Bnei Torah at other mekomos haTorah have likewise taken time today to recite Tehillim betzibbur as a zechus.

Update, 2:25 p.m.: Boruch Hashem, the surgery is said to have been successful. Doctors maintain a close watch of Yudi’s condition. All are asked to continue davening, as the situation remains serious.




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