1. This is the time….all shuls, all mosdos, yeshivos, dinner parties, simchos…begin with tehillim and “Achanu kol beis yisroel..

  2. if hurricane sandy & many other tragedies that are occuring that i read ON MATZAV website, doesn’t wake us up to teshuva & achdus, then we are just causing more tzaros upon us & leave Hashem no choice.

    do you think Hashem likes to cause us pain? hashem loves klal yisroel no matter how bad a nation we become/are Chas v’shalom. but sometimes we leave Hashem no choice

    WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. we can save ourselves now from the future tzaros in store for us if we don’t change our ways towards teshuva & return to Hashem & eretz yisroel

    THE CHOICE is ours & only our fault if more tzaros happens chas v’shalom

  3. It hurts me that some would not say for ideological reasons, during difficult times like now, ALSO a misheberah to the fighting soldiers (religious and not unfortunately), whether be out of pure hakarot hatov or wholeheartedly. Why is this allowed in the sepharadic camp and not in the agudah establishement. We all agree that the ideologies and current trend of the israeli gov is to uproot torah and torah study but nevertheless today we share a common threat, let’s remember that these secular soldiers are our brothers and according to many poskim bonafide tinokim shenishba…


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