Tefillos for Rabbanit Yael Cohen


Rabbanit Yael Cohen is in need of rachamei Shomayim after being hospitalized since Monday.

The rebbetzin is the wife of Chacham Shalom Cohen, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Porat Yosef in Yerushalayim and nosi of the Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah of the Shas party.

Rabbanit Yael is in serious condition at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak. Her condition is said to have deteriorated.

All are asked to daven for Yael bas Yaffa Jamilla.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. May she have a Refuah Shelaima
    BTW, you can post a picture of teh Rashanta Hillary Clinton but you cant post of a holy Rebetzin? How shameful


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