Tefillos for Rav Chaim Epstein



Maran Hagaon Rav Chaim Epstein, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivah Zichron Meilich, is in need of rachamei Shomayim.

Rav Epstein, who has been battling a severe infection, has been in the hospital for two weeks. His condition is currently very critical.

One of the einei ha’eidah and gedolei Torah of the Diaspora, Rav Epstein is the moreh derech for tens of thousands of bnei Torah across the globe. He is one of the most prominent talmidim of Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l.

All are asked to say Tehillim and to learn as a zechus for Rav Chaim Leib ben Shayna Itta.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}

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  1. are we ready to do teshuva in a zchus for this great tzaddik to have a refuah & be saved so we can still receive his great guidance?

    the choise is OURS TOGETHER & nobody else-we cannot say to Hashem we were not warned & did not get his call for teshuva before its too late.

    May he have a refuah shleima ASAP


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