Tefillos for Rav Shlomo Brevda


rav-shlomo-brevdaYidden are asked to recite Tehillim and learn Torah for Rav Shlomo Brevda, who is in need of a refuah sheleimah. He was rushed to the hospital on Erev Shabbos and is in serious condition.Rav Brevda, who has been in need of a refuah for the last while, is one of the most well-known maggidei shiur and darshanim and has delivered thousands of drashos in Jewish communities worldwide.

He is the author of numerous seforim, including volumes on Yomim Tovim. His writings on the Torah of the Vilna Gaon and the Gaon‘s seforim in aggadah and Kabbolah are particularly well known.

The name for Tehillim is Rav Shlomo Leib ben Miriam.

May we only hear besuros tovos.

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  1. Rav Brevda is a Tzadik and a selfless person, a yirey shamayim; a person who transmits the teachings he’s received from great Tzaikim like the chazon ish etc. We must take his situation seriously and daven for his full recovery


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