Tehillim for Rav Amram Zaks


rav-amram-zaksAll are asked to say Tehillim for Rav Amram Zaks, rosh yeshiva of the Salbodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, whose health has deteriorated.

Rav Zaks was hospitalized on Motzoei Shabbos Chol Hamoed Sukkos at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak. With his condition taking a turn for the worse, a number of atzeres tefillah gatherings are being held at various locations in Bnei Brak and beyond.

Rav Zaks serves as rosh yeshiva of the Slabodka Yeshiva together with Rav Dov Landau and Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch.

A visitor to Bnei Brak once asked a young talmid of Slabodka what his life goals are. “I see my goal in front of me every day,” he responded. “When I see my roshei yeshiva, I see the living example of shleimus that I hope one day to reach myself.”

Just seeing the tremendous mesirus nefesh that the rosh yeshiva, Rav Zaks, has for Torah and tefillah betzibbur, despite being ill and weak, has been like having a mussar sefer before one’s eyes, constantly. The rosh yeshiva would literally shake from the effort of giving a shiur, but that did not deter him. Even in the hospital, the minute he feels a little better, he asks for his shtender. Nothing stands in the way of his iron will to learn and teach. Every ounce of energy is used to learn with his chavrusah, to give a shiur, or to daven with a minyan. He has fought a fierce battle for every minute of Torah and tefillah betzibbur. His simchas hachaim, his indomitable will to continue to strive and grow, despite his disabilities, has been a constant message of the hidden strengths of man.

Rav Amram has been known as an illui since his childhood in Yerushalayim. He was a talmid of Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer, was mekurav to both the Chazon Ish and the Brisker Rov, and has hundreds of talmidim who trace their achievements in learning and harbotzas haTorah to his guidance. And yet, despite his greatness, though unfortunately he is much less accessible to the bochurim than he used to be, his sensitivity, ability to listen and clarity of thought draw the bochurim to him.

Rav Amram was speaking to a group of alumni a few years ago. He told them how Rav Yechiel Mordechai Gordon, rosh yeshiva of  Lomza, used to say that an institution really needs several roshei yeshiva – one for learning, one to counsel the talmidim, one to raise money, one to go to chasunos, etc. “In our yeshiva,” he said, “we have one man, Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsh, doing all those jobs.” Rav Zaks turned to the alumni, his respect and admiration for his younger brother-in-law evident in his words. “It is too much for one person. Please help him,” he said.

The name for Tehillim is Rav Amram Yitzchok ben Esther Leah.

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  2. A group of Talmidim gathered at the Kosel last night to Daven for Rav shlomo Brevda shlita.

    Yidden all over the world are asked to recite Tehillim and learn Torah for famous Magid of the generation Harav Shlomo Brevda Shlita, who is in need of a BIG Refuah Sheleimah.

    Rav Brevda is one of the most well-known Maggidei Shiur and Darshanim and has delivered thousands of Drashos in Jewish communities worldwide.

    Rav Brevda is the author of numerous Sforim, including volumes on Yomim Tovim. His writings on the Torah of the Vilna Gaon and the Gaon’s Sforim in Aggadah and Kabbolah are particularly well known.

    The name for Tehillim is: “Shlomo Leib ben Miriam”

    Please continue Davening for Shloma Leib ben Miryam & pass this important message on to all of your friends worldwide.

    Thank you.


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