Tel Aviv Great Synagogue Bankrupt


The Tel Aviv municipality reversed a decision to seize the assets of Tel Aviv’s Beis Knesses Hagadol on Allenby Street after the shul president’s announcement that he was closing it down due to city persecution raised a public outcry. Built in central Tel Aviv in 1926, the shul now lies in the heart of the city’s business and financial center and is used by relatively few Jews, although many public figures have begun conducting weddings there. The shul owed the municipality $550,000 in taxes. Pivko raised a large sum to cover the debt but failed to reach the full amount.

“Unfortunately, I have to close the gates of the Great Synagogue,” he told Chadrei Chareidim. “The Tel Aviv Municipality, in the spirit of the [recent anti-Shabbos] Supreme Court ruling, brutally and aggressively foreclosed the bank account and I have no choice but to close the gates of the Beis Knesses Hagadol.”

“It is a disgrace that in the State of Israel on the eve of Independence Day, the Tel Aviv municipality‚Ķ pocketed $41 million in parking fines, is behaving aggressively and harming everything related to the holy places of religion and tradition,” he added.

The city noted that the taxes were charged only for times when the shul was used for private events.

{ Israel News}


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