Ten Yesomim Need Our Help


reb-itcheIn his short 45 years, Reb Itche zt”l, accomplished much, despite years of declining health. A giant in Torah, a baki in halachah, he graciously shared his knowledge with Torah scholars and laymen alike.  His great humility kept him out of the public eye, yet everyone who crossed his path was warmed by his radiance and uplifted by his pleasant ways.  He kept his troubles to himself and even those close to him were unaware of how much he suffered. He left a legacy devoid of material wealth yet full of spiritual assets. The home he built with his aishes chayil is one where Torah and avodah are the central theme and simchas hachaim is a tangible reality.

 We dare not allow his untimely passing to extinguish that simchah. We must do all we can to enable the family to continue to flourish and follow in the footsteps of their noble father zt”l.

 The need is great. There are ten young yesomim not one married and the youngest is a mere 8 months old. There is no life insurance; his illness of many years made him ineligible for any sort of coverage. We are rachmonim bnei rachmonim; we must dig deeper and find some way of easing the family’s pain. We must ensure that the almanah has the means to continue raising her wonderful children l’Torah, l’chuppah, ul’maasim tovim.  Please click here to donate.

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