Tenka Rov Visits the Phoenix Mikvah


The greater Phoenix community was honored to welcome the Tenka Rov, Rav Chaim Elozor Friedman, for a few days. The Rov has taken the Phoenix Mikvah under his fatherly care and has been instrumental in many aspects on a daily basis. Recognizing the tremendous need for a state-of-the-art mikvah, the Rov has involved himself in both the halachic aspects of the mikvah and has also been instrumental in helping the community with its fundraising efforts.

The main purpose of the Rov’s visit was to inspect the mikvah boros and rainwater collection system. Following his inspection, the mikvah committee announced that the Rov was pleased with all of the systems and has fully certified all of the halacha aspects. He then issued a green light for rainwater collection.




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