TERROR: Stabbing Attack at Shaar Shechem on Shabbos (Video)


In a terror attack on Shabbos on on Sultan Suleiman Street near Shaar Shechem in Yerushalayim, a female terrorist from East Jerusalem tried to stab a chareidi man who was on his way home from the Kosel after davening. He successfully escaped. The terrorist then targeted another man, age 31, who sustained minor injuries to his shoulder.

The terrorist was armed with a knife and later told police that she went to kill a Jew.

After the attack, Israeli police forces raided the home of the terrorist in Sur Baher, a 29-year-old, taking documents and a personal computer, which they then gave to investigators.


{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. This man had four angels potecting him, one on each side, and in front and back.
    The terrorist humanoid tried twice to stab him, and he managed to get away.
    He has been tracked down, and will testify in court against her.
    The only shame is that the humanoid piece of garbage wasn’t killed by secuity forces in the area.


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