Terror Survivor Reveals: Tzitzis Saved My Life  

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tzitzisYair Ben Ezra, who was critically injured in last month’s terror attack in Ra’anana, has revealed his miraculous story about how his new tzitzis – which he was pondering whether to wear that very morning – had saved his life.

On October 13th, while waiting at a bus station, Yair was stabbed five times in multiple parts of his body by a terrorist from East Jerusalem.

On the morning of the attack, which occurred a day before his sister’s wedding, Yair was pondering whether to wear the new tzitzis he had purchased for the chasunah.

“On the morning of the terrorist attack,” said Yair, “all of my tzitzit were hanging to dry on the laundry line. I had only one new pair of tzitzit folded in the closet. Then the yeitzer hara came and told me, ‘Nothing will happen (…) save them for the wedding tomorrow.’ In the midst of this dilemma,” recalled Ben Ezra, “I said to myself, ‘No!  This is my custom (…) this is my personal protection!'”

Eventually, “While I was stabbed and waiting for the medics,” Yair related, “the tzitzit I was wearing was used as a tourniquet for my stab wounds by the emergency rescue staff.”

Although critically wounded in the attack, Ezra fought his attacker, preventing him from attacking further civilians.

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  1. This is insensitive! And something that would impress children. So all those religious jews who were murdered didn’t deserve the same merit???

  2. Not insensitive at all – just the facts. Tzitzis is a “shemira” – that’s a fact.
    Not the first story that I have heard like this. If you don’t wear tzitzis, you forfeit that “shemira” – period.
    Shabbos is a “shemira” for us. If you don’t keep Shabbos c”v, you forfeit that “shmira”.
    As to the other religious Jews who were nebech murdered and yet were wearing tzitzis – obviously, that z’chus was insufficient to save them then.

  3. We don’t understand these things and I doubt any of us should dare commenting about “insufficient”. As for Mr Ben Ezra I congratulate him on surviving the attack. I admit I can’t help wondering why he felt the need to address the letter to the “ifcj” an organization that surely does not represent me nor do i want anything to do with.


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