Terrorists Freed in Shalit Deal Resume Terror Activity


terrorists-return-home-111Dozens of Palestinian prisoners who were released a year ago as part of the deal that freed IDF soldier Gilad Shalit have resumed terrorist activity. Many of those deported to Gaza have joined Hamas’ leadership, while others are actively developing weapons and firing rockets at Israel.

Furthermore, some are recruiting new terror cells in the West Bank, including one Chevron cell that planted a bomb in Yerushalayim and planned to kidnap an IDF soldier.

{Matzav.com Israel New Bureau}


  1. once a terrorist, always a terrorist. they will never stop, even if Israel gave the entire country to them

    i.e. they are just one of the messengers of Hashem to bring tzaros upon us for THIS generation, bchol dor v’dor…

    Hashem is waiting to hear our tefillos to be saved from them, until we call out to Hashem to stop the tragedies & he hears us they will continue R”L


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