Thank You from the Muller and Bernstein Families

Dear Friend,
On behalf of the Muller and Bernstein families we would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful contribution. It is with your help that we are able to plan for the children and provide them with their future needs.
During difficult times like these, the Lubavitcher Rebbe would always emphasize “VeHaChai Yiten el Libo” – and the living should take it to heart – and that we should learn from this tragedy and take upon ourselves to improve in some way. During the week of shiva (mourning) we heard many stories of Moshe’s kindness and dedication to helping out someone else. Your act of kindness and generosity demonstrates your commitment to this ideal.
May we only share in each other’s joyful occasions,
The Muller & Bernstein Families
P.s. It’s not too late to contribute to the Moshe Muller Family Fund by CLICKING HERE.


  1. Please explain to me how a “frum” website can post pictures of women. Besides, is this not a private picture?


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