The Blizzard of ’15: Snow Prints of the Soul


snow1By Jacob (Chaim Yakov) Hirsch Esq.

Slowly awoken by the eerie stillness in the crisp morning air your heart skips a beat in wonderment as to the deafening silence that pervades the great outdoors. Tiptoeing to the fogged up window in your bedroom you notice it is snowing ever so lightly, with flakes softly landing on the street below. As your eyes begin to focus on each falling crystalized, fluffy, snowflake your very essence is shaken by the clam soothing effect and feeling of serenity that has seized you. This winter wonderland seems all too surreal as you begin taking in the magic of it all. Why, you ponder aloud, does the falling snow seem to have such a visceral effect upon your soul? What is its lore, what is its secret?

Is it possible you ask yourself that this sudden rush of spirit is all merely a figment of a wild imagination anticipating a day off from an otherwise ordinary, long, difficult, day at the office? Perhaps it is merely the childlike anticipation of building that perennial snowman with your neighbors frolicking dog? Or maybe you are excited to be reunited with this time of year, like an old friend of yore that you have not seen since last winter, as the intriguing, magnificent, and geometric designs of each sparkling snowflake seem to wave hello? You wonder but are not satisfied. No, you exclaim there has got to be a better explanation, there has got to be more!!!

Before long your eyes become further entranced and fixed on the cars, sidewalk, and street whose once clear outlines, no longer visible, seem to blend into the great panorama of white. So clean and pure, as though nature is cuddling the landscape under its pristine blanket of serenity. Why is it that this ocean of white strikes the chords of your heart so? The warmth of a hot cup of chocolate with the crackling burning embers in the fireplace contrasting with the howling, cold, and newly found white wilderness outside only serves to deepen the intrigue. Struck by the tranquility and placidity that has you engulfed it its warm blanket your emotions begin to swell. You are a changed person even if only for a few fleeting eternal moments. Though like the Elk in the snowy, wooded forest the reason for the sudden metamorphosis seems to evade you. Is this merely some ephemeral and beautiful dream or a stretch of a tired and overworked imagination, you wonder? Or is it something more subtle, deeper, and more profound?

With the temperature slowly rising and the rays of sun struggling to shine the snow tapers to a halt. A slight but ever present uneasiness envelopes your inner being and as the snow begins to melt so does the security, hope, and peace of mind you experienced just a short while ago. Can this merely be the vicissitudes of weather? Why the inner restlessness and uneasiness? The weather never seemed to have such a visceral effect before, why now?

Alas, as the snowflakes sparkle in the sun’s rays a rush of inspiration seizes your soul as it all starts to become crystal clear akin to the glistening flakes that had just fallen. Indeed, the snow covered everything giving a pristine appearance that was stirring. There were no distinctions, no distractions, and no separations as everything seemed to unite into one pure layer of creation, thus igniting an overwhelming if not subtle feeling of unity within. And therein lay the answer, the secret.

The pureness of the falling snowflakes was merely a reflection of our soul’s own subconscious desire to become pure and wholesome. We are all spiritual beings whose soul constantly cries out to become pure and to unite with its very essence. The daily grind of our fast paced technologically overtaxed lives does not always allow us to hear those faint cries. Yet our soul does not despair nor give up on showing us its footprint. It is only with the glare of the snow and its pristine, clear, white crystals staring us in the face that our souls faint outlines can be seen. With the snow white vista before us we begin to see our souls reflection and hear its soft, sweet echoes reminding us subconsciously of our desire to unite, to become wholesome, to become one. Not merely with the rest of creation, but indeed with the very One who fashioned it all.

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