The Chareidiyot: Secular Filmmaker Paints Chareidim as Messy


Chareidi producer Esti Waserman-Karniel was shocked by a secular film about chareidi women which put them in a negative light. In one scene, a woman she knows was interviewed next to the neighbor’s messy hanging laundry. Yet Waserman-Kaniel knew that the woman generally hung her washed clothes in a beautiful back yard. Obviously, the film was rigged.

She produced a short film of her own titled, The Chareidiyot, in which five chareidi working mothers explain why raising frum families is the most meaningful joy in life even if it cuts into successful careers.

“This is the exact difference between a Jewish woman and women worldwide,” lecturer and communications worker Miri Shneurson says in the film. “The Jewish woman has a responsibility for the future of the Jewish people… Take women who have a career without any restrictions, with great working conditions, the chance to realize their dreams and passions, and ask them at the end of the day, ‘when you come home, what gives you nachas’.

The answer to her question is provided by another hero of the film, wedding dress designer Mushki Riskin who has this to say: “This is the joy of my life that my children come and say to me with a hug, ‘Ima, we love you.’ Is there anything better than that in life?”

David Steger – Israel


  1. Buggle loss.

    The charedi simple mood can be more than the secular movie maker making the mockery of their existent complicated life.

    Could this film be a prelude to others that do represent judaism in good faith? One wonders if the world will have more to consider in years to come.

    The jewish communities that are growing are clearly some interest. The good of this film might still perhaps be in looking at any aspect of chassidic life? I probably will never see it unless its great. I never go to many movies.

    Grand to think that the bugger producer is so enamored with jews that he needs yet another way to be antisemitic. Its an annoyance it seems from the conversation in this article.

    Wonder what more press might be had.

    Keep your laundry safe. It might be the best to wear in the next day.


  2. As one who watched the original documentary by Amnon Levi about Charediat women – you got it all Wrong!!! He was overwhelmed by the frum
    Women & their families & accomplishments. He is truly objective & interviews many so that the finished product is quite diverse.


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