The Kashrus Status of Marvalous Omega-3


marvalous-omega3Due to various emails we have received regarding the kashrus status of Marvalous Omega-3, we relate that, based on those who have investigated the matter, the capsule is definitely made from gelatin. The Rabbanut gives a hechsher on the product because they allow the use of gelatin, unlike many American hechsheirim which will only allow it bemakom choleh.

The Marvalous base office is located in Israel.

The oil inside the capsule requires additional clarification, as people in Eretz Yisroel are taking the item, stating that it was verified that the oil is the same oil that the Badatz gave a hechsher on when not in a capsule. However, the Badatz has thus far refused to confirm this claim when asked about it. (It seems that the Badatz holds that the oil may become assur from the capsule.)

There is also some controversy regarding whether or not rabbonim in Eretz Yisroel are permitting the gel caps shelo bamakom choleh. (Some have told us that there were rabbonim who initially permitted it but have since retracted. This requires further clarification.)

As always, consumers are encouraged to do their own responsible research and always be in touch with a competent moreh horaah.

{Yair Israel}


  1. I am confused. So is the capsule okay, or not okay to take? Is it muttar just to take the oil and not the capsule?

  2. American hechsheirim don’t allow gelatin, since most gelatin in America comes from pig. The gelatin used in this case is beef gelatin (according to Marvalous’ website) Therefore, the shaila here is more a question of the hechsher the Rabbanut gives on the beef. In addition, glycerol is found in the ingredients as well, but I was not able find out what is its origin (i.e. animal or plant based).

  3. For all those interested in this very potent and “marvalous” product, it is now available in the United States!! I, myself, personally know the lady who sells it in Flatbush. R. Mitnick can be contacted at 718-252-0830. Her expertise and knowledge in this matter are truly fantastic. Her honesty and credibility go along with free shipping!!!

  4. All of these MLM products are based on a premise of Geneivah. One can’t take out the oil from the gel-cap & use it, it’s still ossur.

  5. Just wanted to comment that last week in the Yated there was a letter from a user who, after making numerous tests, came to the conclusion that poshete Shemen Pishtan contains in one spoonful as much as 11 capsules of Omega 3 from Marvalous. Making a financial cheshbon this means that you can use Shemen Pishtan and have the same benefits as you would have from 11 capsules of Omega 3. Please note that the Shemen Pishtan needs a hechsher and that Boruch Hashem is availabe here in Israel for a fraction of the price of the Omega 3. Marvalous representatives please prove your facts – do you realise that people are paying so much only to keep your whole pyramid going. Why cant it be sold in a pharmacist – why does it have to go thru so many middle people! Your comments are invited!

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  7. fine. the capsule may be muttar but how do you know you are getting the oil from sage. they may be giving you the shark oil. the comp is under no control of the FDA

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