The Laws of Bedikas Chometz


bedikas-chometzBy Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits, KOF-K Kosher Supervision

Before performing the bedika, one should clean the house very well, thus making the bedika much easier.[1] It is the custom to wash and clean everything extremely well before the bedika.[2] The chometz should be sold to theRav before any bedika is performed.[3] Some are careful to wash their hands before they start bedikas chometz.[4] One should have hakaras hatov to his wife for all the hard work she performed in order to insure that the house is prepared properly for Pesach.

The Time To Check

It would seem that the bedika should be performed close to the biur, on the fourteenth day; however, since most people are not home during the day, the chachumim said that the bedika should be done on the night of the fourteenth. Furthermore, the bedika needs to be conducted with the light of a candle (see below) and one may see better with a candle at night.[5] Most poskim say the preferred time to check for chometz is in the beginning of the night, right after tzeis ha’chochavim.[6] Some say that the bedika time is a little before tzies ha’chochavim, when it is still day.[7] The minhag is that we follow the first opinion.[8] Those who have the custom to wait, until the time of Rabbeinu Tam, should still check before Rabbeinu Tam.[9]

Performing Melacha Before The Bedika

A half hour before the time of bedika has arrived one may not busy himself with any work.[10] This is a gezeira because there is a possibility that one will be occupied with his work, and neglect to perform the bedika.[11] If one started working, before a half hour, then he must stop once tzies ha’chochavim has arrived.[12]

Eating/Drinking Prior To The Bedika

A half hour before the zeman of performing the bedika, one may not eat a “seuda” which consists of bread or any mezonos larger than the shiur of a kebeiza.[13] If one started a seuda before the half hour, he must stop when the zeman of bedika begins.[14] One may eat a large amount of fruit,[15] while others say that it should not be eaten only before the half hour, not once tzeis arrives.[16] Drinking is also forbidden after a half hour, if it is a largeshiur.[17] However, this is only beverages that might bring one to become drunk.[18] It is permitted to drink tea or coffee.[19]

Learning Prior To The Bedika

Some say that learning may not be done a half hour before the zeman,[20] and some say that this is only forbidden once the zeman has arrived.[21] If one asks his friend (who is not learning) to remind him to do the bedika, then according to everyone, it is permitted to learn within the half hour before the bedika.[22] Some say if one is giving a shiur to the public, in shul, then he is permitted to continue learning even after the zeman has arrived, and he does not have to stop.[23] However, this is only if one is not learning so intensely into the shiur.[24] If one started learning before the half hour before the zeman, once the zeman comes he has to stop.[25] However, one is allowed to finish the inyun that he was in middle of.[26]

Maariv Before Or After The Bedika

The custom seems to be that one should daven maariv prior to performing the bedika.[27] Some say if one davens all year round at a later time (the same set time every night) on the night of the bedika he should daven before the bedika is performed.[28]

Placing The Ten Pieces Of Bread

The custom is to place ten pieces of bread, before the bedika, in order that the beracha should not have been said in vain if no actual chometz was found.[29] Some say there is no need to place the bread out, because there is no beracha l’vatala, if one does not find chometz,[30] nonetheless, the custom is to place the bread out.[31] Some say the reason for placing 10 pieces is based on kabbalah.[32] The Chok Yaakov[33] says the reason is because if one would not find any chometz, during the bedika, he would give up on his search. If one does not put out the bread it is not meachev.[34] Some say since our houses are cleaned very well before Pesach, one mustplace the bread out before the bedika.[35] The prevailing custom is that someone else (besides for the one who is performing the bedika) places the bread in different areas in the house.[36] Some have the custom that the bodekplaces the pieces of bread.[37] The Aruch Ha’shulchan says one should place the bread by different windows,[38] however, this is not the custom.[39] One should make sure not to lose any of the pieces of chometz.[40] If one did lose a piece, no new bedika is required.[41] The bread should be hard pieces so that it does not crumble.[42] If one is using soft bread then he should place the bread on a plate, tin foil or in a plastic bag.[43] The size of each piece should each be less than a k’zayis[44] however, all the pieces together should equal a k’zayis.[45] Many people do a very superficial bedika; they search for the ten pieces of bread and conclude their search. However, this bedika is not valid and hinges on a beracha l’vatala.[46] One has to check the entire house during the bedika, and it is not sufficient to just collect the 10 pieces of bread. If one will not be home for Pesach, and he performs a bedika earlier than the fourteenth (i.e. the thirteenth), the minhag is to place the bread before performing the bedika.[47] One should hide all the chometz that he has to burn in his house and not only the chometzthat is found during the bedika.[48] One should not give children chometz after the bedika has been completed.[49]

Being Mafsik Between The Beracha And Bedika

One should not speak between the beracha and the search for the chometz,[50] even words that are related to the bedika.[51] If one spoke even one word[52] that is not related to the bedika, he has to repeat the beracha.[53] If it is something that is related to the bedika, no new beracha is required.[54] One should not wait between the beracha and the bedika longer than the span of toch k’dei dibbur.[55] If one waited longer than the allotted time, no new beracha is recited.[56]

Being Mafsik During The Bedika

When one begins the bedika process, until the bedika and bittul are completed, one should not talk, this includes divrei torah as well.[57] The reason is that one should put his whole heart into concentrating on the bedika.[58]One may talk words that are related to the bedika even l’chatcilah.[59] If one spoke words that are not related to the bedika, there is no need for a new beracha.[60] If one has to use the facilities, during the bedika, he may recite an asher yotzar.[61] In a situation where one is in middle of the bedika, and the phone rings, he may answer the phone and say he is in middle of the bedika.[62]

Wax Candle/ Flashlight/ Electric Lights

One has to search for chometz with the light of a candle.[63] The candle has to be a one wick candle.[64] It should initially be made out of wax.[65] Some say the reason for using wax is based on kabbalah.[66] A torch may not be used,[67] and a candle that is made with two wicks may not be used.[68] Some have the custom that the lights are kept on because the more light the better it is for one to find chometz.[69] Many have the custom to have the lights off during the bedika.[70] In places where it is hard to check one may use a flashlight.[71] However, the custom is to use a wax candle for the bedika,[72] therefore, one should start off using a wax candle and then he may use a flashlight, etc.[73]

Using A Feather And Spoon For The Bedika

The custom is to use a feather by the bedika to help clean any chometz that may be found.[74] The custom to use the spoon is so that if one does not find any chometz, one would be able to burn the wooden spoon.[75]However, we have the custom to place ten pieces of bread so there is no reason to use the spoon.[76] Some say the reason one should use a spoon is so that when one does the burning it should consist of burning some wood.[77]

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