The Matzav Shmoooze: How to Get Cheaper Flights to Israel

Dear Editor,

Maybe you could tell your readers that they could save hundreds of dollars by booking travel to Israel from Boston or Washington instead of from New York.
For some people, it would be worth the inconvenience and travel time to save hundreds of dollars.

Sometimes flights from Boston or Washington go through New York to and from Israel, and yet are a lot cheaper than booking a flight from New York to Israel.

Thank you for publishing my letter and improving the lives of your readers.

S. Klein


  1. Very true. I just booked a flight for two in the summer from Boston and it was at least one thousand dollars cheaper then going straight from New York

  2. Driving to Boston or Washington takes about 4 hours, which is way longer than a stop over on an indirect flight to Israel and a much bigger hassle. And once a person is ready to spend 4 hours in order to get a cheaper flight there are much cheaper options than El Al from Boston. People would be way better off doing a computer search for one stop flights to Israel and they will find much cheaper flights. Like flying through Romania, or Russia, or whatever other option the computer comes up with.


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