The Matzav Shmoooze: Stop Kvetching About Pesach Food

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pesach-cakeDear readers,

When Erev Pesach comes, we see the beauty of Klal Yisroel shine as everyone is busy cleaning out thechometz with such yiras Shomayim, making sure that not even a crumb of chometz is left in their homes.

But there is one negative attitude that seems to becoming the norm among so many of us. Why is it that when many people speak of Pesach, they react with a groan: “Okay, here we go. Potatoes and eggs and eggs and potatoes. My family is getting sick and tired of it. We can’t wait until we can bite into a bagel again.”

Why do we have to be so spoiled? Hashem made thousands of different kinds of food in this world, with varied tastes, textures, and colors to please all different people. So we can’t eat bread for 8 days. Why can’t we have a positive attitude and give that over to our children as well?

We should be elated! “Pesach is coming! We can’t wait to bite into the special matzah, delicious chicken, yummy potatoes, onions, carrots, fish, soup, milk, yogurt, macaroons, Pesach cake, chocolate….. Wow, look at all that Hashem has given us!”

Make Yom Tov exciting, something to look forward to. Make an effort to cook something special for the Yom Tov that the family will look forward to all year round and think of Pesach (and its foods) with excitement.

Let’s remember that what we say and feel about Pesach will be given over and remain in future generations forever and ever.

Let’s give over a positive attitude.

R. H.


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  1. Pesach food is great … all home-cooked. Lots of meat and chicken and vegetables. Fabulous soups … It is also nice to have things cooked with so many fresh ingredients. Chicken with fresh tomatoes on it, or maybe pineapple. What’s the problem? If you eat gebrucks fry some banana to go with your pancakes. Yum!

  2. the answer to our problem is that-SADLY-every generation that we go further down & continue, our children become more stubborn & their wants & desires continue to grow-in the negative way- (ex. 15 or 30 years ago every bedroom in someones home had 3 or 4 siblings sleeping in it, today each child needs his own bedroom or else… TODAY every kid R”L needs an Ipod & a cell phone or else he won’t continue his life C”V-giving in to them in these cases makes them worse, & into at-risk children then had we not given in & they would have just made a commotion…)

    with us as parents giving in to all our childrens wants, desires & crying. We are showing them & proving to them that they can get whatever they want-without earning it-all he needs to do is cry.

    MAY ALL OF US LEARN HOW TO BE REAL PARENTS & bring our children up in the ways of Torah & yiddishkeit.

  3. I love Pesach food. Theres a lot of variety even without gebrokts, and it should ain’t all eggs and potatoes. Anyway without eggs how would we make all those wonderful Pesach tortes, kugels, etc. Stop kvetching and start thanking Hashem for all the bounty that we have including eggs and potatoes, beets, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, carrots…… etc. Matzoh with butter or cream cheese for breakfast – yummm

  4. hey lighten up, people love to kvetch, they don’t take is really seriously, it’s just something to talk about. why don’t you rant about things that mean something and leave normal people alone.

  5. pesach is great!! i love my moms spinach quiche that she makes, its so delicious! there are great treats for kids of all ages to find from brocholi kugel to homemade shakshuka. if only people could realize the deliciousness of these dishes.

  6. Many of my year-round recipes are kosher l’pesach, not gebrokts. We use vegetables with peels which makes it easier, but for those who don’t you can peel eggplant, zucchini, carrots, even tomatoes. And then there are the frozen vegetables …

  7. “Today each child needs his own bedroom…”– How about the fact that every couple that comes home for Yom Tov needs their own bathroom? No matter how we put ourselves out to accomodate them, there is never enough space, privacy etc. Agree with #4! Remember the days when Yom Tov meant we were just so happy to sit around the table and be thankful we were all together!

  8. Just had this conversation on Shabbos with my husband.I can’t believe there are people who are even kvetching! Walk into Krm or any supermarket and watch the carts loaded with mayo, ketchup, pickels, who knows….lukshens maybe…who knows maybe even bread one day made from who knows what…and they are still kvetching.
    I wish we could go back to the old days when potatoes….yes potatoes, eggs and hardly any vegetables were used….fruit that could be peeled and that was it.AND boy …did we look forward to Pesach. Couldn’t wait for my mothers a’h borscht. her delicious chicken soup and yes…again her fresh potatoe latkes, or kugel. and No….she didn’t bake cakes…we only ate Oberlanders Macaroons because my father only bought that knowing that he only has the business for Pesach…We had nothing. and” nothing” tasted absolutely delicious!!!!!
    The problems are not limited to Pesach.Like No. 5 said…I feel sorry for the generation today…they are raising a bunch of spoiled rotten brats who don’t know the beauty of discipline…and….it shows in their character…unfortunately. It’s a “get me this and get me that ” and RIGHT NOW…GENERATION!!!!..ENOUGH SAID….
    All of us in our fifties and sixties are witness to the downfall of the youth of today. Even….the best of them…..!!!!!

  9. I think the writer of this article needs to get some better recipes in his/her house (if giving them to the wife be tactful of course). In my house there is no kvetching about Pesach food since it is all so delicious!!!!

  10. i never had patience for the narishkeit-and chas vsholem any of us gebrochts pple should give up a kneidle for a family member or friend oh please.

  11. To all the old folks complaining about “this generation” just remember that it was YOUR generation that raised them to be who they are. ‘Nuff said.


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