The Project Inspire Convention — “It’s All About You”



There are plenty of Conventions and lots of Conferences, but a Project Inspire Convention is in a league of its own.  What makes it stand out?  How is it different?  While all Shabbos programs offer chizuk and inspiration, the Project Inspire Convention isn’t just about the speakers, the ba’alei tefilah, or even the upscale cuisine.  In fact, it’s all about you.

Rabbi Chaim Sampson, Director of Project Inspire, explains:  “Our convention has less to do with the people who are sitting up front and center and much more to do with everyone sitting in the crowd.  Because it’s the frum people of our community who are exceptional and can be inspired to change the world.   Ultimately, we represent the solution to the issues that are facing klal yisroel.”

Project Inspire is a movement dedicated to awakening and empowering the Torah community to reach out to their fellow Jews.  They believe that our vibrant and flourishing kehilla can serve as the best advocates for our own lifestyle.  “Frum people,” says Rabbi Sampson, “can be galvanized and motivated to inspire themselves so that they can, in turn, inspire others.”  In fact, tens of thousands have already been inspired and activated by Project Inspire and by its growing movement.

The Project Inspire Ninth Annual Convention will be held at the luxurious Stamford Crowne Plaza on the weekend of February 16th through 18th.  Aside from the outstanding accommodations and upscale cuisine, it will include an exceptional program filled with an impressive and comprehensive array of speakers and presenters, many well known and others who are the rising stars of the next generation.  But it’s not just the action on stage that matters at the Convention.  It’s also the incredible experiences and success stories that are shared between regular people who decided to make a huge difference.

Participants come to the Convention as ordinary people, and leave filled with an elevated sense of passion and commitment.  The warmth and vitality that they acquire at the convention lasts throughout the year.  This year’s program promises to be especially “fresh… original…and exciting.”  Project Inspire staff scan the globe to formulate a program that is at once dynamic and brilliant.  This year’s Special Guest  will be Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, mora d’asra of Gateshead England, who will grace the weekend with his distinguished presence.   

It’s usually frigid outside in middle of February, and most of us like to huddle indoors at this time of year.  Why not do something different?  Spend the weekend with hundreds of fellow yidden who really care about klal yisroel.  It promises to be an unforgettable experience.  You’ll wish the weekend would never end.  

For more information about the Project Inspire Convention, call 718 874 8875 or contact  


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