The Real Story: Viral Photo Of Jew Screaming At Arab Woman Holds A Secret


tehillim-photoThis photo went viral yesterday on Twitter and elsewhere, and was retweeted by Max Blumenthal among hundreds of others who expressed their disgust at the Jew for screaming at the poor, frightened Arab woman:

But if you look closer at the photo, you see something interesting.

The book that the Arab woman is holding is a Tehillim!

It seems that she grabbed the Tehillim from the Jewish man – just in time for the photographer to show his reaction to having had a holy book stolen from him in broad daylight.

There are other photos from the scene that show another Arab woman physically assaulting the same Jew, although I don’t know whether it was taken before or after the photo above:

In fact, it is the Muslim women who created a gauntlet at the Chain Gate where Jews were exiting the Har Habayis. This photo from the same photographer shows things a little more accurately:

UPDATE: Another photo of the Muslim woman who grabbed the Jew, grabbing another Jew:

Who’s intimidating whom again?

UPDATE 2Israellycool and Bob Knot found (fuzzy) video of the scene HERE. The woman seems to grab his Tehillim at about 6 seconds in. It is clear that the Arab women are screaming at any Jews who pass by.

UPDATE 3: Bob found a much clearer video showing the exact sequence of events – just as we thought. SEE IT HERE.

UPDATE 4: More photos showing her with the book and him going to retrieve it:


{ Newscenter}


  1. Harav Eliyashiv zatzal said not to go onto Har Habayis because it would antagonize the Arabs. Too bad this guy didn’t listen to him.

  2. about time someone takes an honest photo. now these are photos that should be spread to the world news. the arabs/moslems are liars and they claims they are victims. these photos show the truth and how a jew responds can respond without violence.


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