The Second Best Job in the World… Could Be Yours

4, a Paris-based website, is inviting people to compete for what they are calling the “Second Best Job in the World.” They aren’t exaggerating.

What Is the “Second Best Job In the World”? A month-long, worldwide shopping spree. That’s right, the winner not only gets to shop in seven world cities (Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo), but will be given a $16K shopping budget, business class travel and luxury accommodations to do it. All this lucky person has to do is find the best bargains, compare the shopping cultures of the cities and blog about it. And this job is up for grabs.

How can you get this job? Enter the competition by submitting a video and resume explaining why you are qualified to be their “international shopping consultant.” Entries are due December 14.

What Is the “Best Job In the World”?

Of course you’re probably wondering, if this is only the second best job in the world, what could the best job possibly be?

Ask Ben Southall of Britain who beat out 34,000 candidates from 200 countries to become the caretaker of an idyllic island off the coast of Australia.

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  1. If it is to good to be true it’s to good
    There are many hoaxes connected to this type of work. Be very careful and look for the pitfalls.


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