The Segulah Pushka Is The Wonderful Segulah For Refuahs, Yeshuahs, Parnasah, Shidduchim, Nachas, And More


segulah-pushkahThe Divrei Chaim, Rav of Sanz Zt”l, was widely known, amongst all of Klal Yisroel, for his outstanding ‘Avodas Hashem’ and for guiding Yidishe Kinder through the paths of righteousness. Additionally, the Divrei Chaim ztz”l, was the ‘hub of hope’ to all in need.  Countless yeshuos in all different areas were witnessed by those who came to his door, crying their hearts out of their pains and troubles. The great zchus of the Sanz’er Rav Zt”l has provoked merit to Yiddishe kinder during all of his days.

Amongst the great miracles that occurred countless times, thanks to the ‘kochos’ of the Divrei Chaim Zt”l, were the results produced by the $2-30 day segulah. This is a segulah initially introduced by the Sanz’er Rav.

It is a simple and economical undertaking. Here’s how it works: You donate two dollars for the sick of klal Yisroel and recite the phrases of Yeshaya in Nach: פרק א’, phrases י”ג to ט”ז . After thirty consecutive days of carrying out this segulah, yeshuas in all matters have been witnessed by thousands of Yiden, worldwide.

We are indeed convinced that the great ‘zchus’ of the the Sanz’er Rav ztz”l, remains with us ever since. Although we’ve, unfortunately, lost his physical presence on כ”ה ניסן, his spirituality and merit will never fade.

In today’s critical era when everyone is desperate for refuahs and yeshuos of all kinds, Regional Bikur Cholim has integrated the aforementioned $2-30 day segulah to be a source of Yeshuos to all in need. The Regional Bikur Cholim produced the popular “Segulah Pushka” specifically for this purpose. The pushka practically dictates the instructions and phrases to be recited for the segulah… and works wonders!

In time of the yarzeit, כ”ה ניסן, it is the time of opportunity, to carry out the segulah that the tzadik has set forth.

Simple Steps… Proven Segulah… Positive Results…




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