WATCH NOW: The Tenth Man – Project Inspire’s Fifth Annual Tisha B’av Presentation


tenth manBy Chaya Silber

The Tenth Man.

Who is he?

Have you met him? Did you even notice his presence?

Once again, Project Inspire has released a powerful and original Tisha B’av presentation that will shake us out of our complacency, transform our shul experience…our shopping experience….the way we view our neighbor down the road, our relatives, the checkout girl at the store.

Each year on Tisha B’av we learn about Kamtza and Bar Kamtza, about the actions that caused the churban. Each year we cry and pledge to redouble our efforts to love our fellow Jews.

And then time goes by and the lessons fade away.

Picture the following scene: You’re sitting in the Bais Medrash, shteiging away… absorbed in the timeless word of the Talmud. Your chavrusa is humming a sweet gemara niggun as you plumb the depths of the sugya.

You’re in your own special bubble.  Time, as you know it, ceases to exist.

At the same time….

He’s standing just a few feet away from you, so close, yet so far.

His eyes are full of longing as he takes in the scene. He’s waiting for someone to look up, to meet his eyes and smile. He’s yearning for a kind word, a handshake, even a friendly nod.

But you’re busy, distracted. Trying to finish the daf. Rushing to pick up your son.

He might as well have been invisible.

What happens next?

This Tisha B’av, allow Project Inspire to lead you on an extraordinary, life-altering journey with Felix and his newfound friend, Dovid Weiss.

The Tenth Man:  a New Beginning.  With a special introduction by Rav Eytan Feiner, and a compelling story never told before, it promises to change your Tisha B’av, and transform your life.

Join tens of thousands who have signed up to see the original, compelling presentation. Allow the Tenth Man to bring new meaning and a sense of purpose to the day of mourning.

You’ll never look at a stranger in shul or at the supermarket the same way again. And once we change our perceptions of those around us, can the geulah be far away?


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