The Two Way Street – Poem


Reader submitted  (reviewed and approved by The Klein Family)

“We are asking for this to be published before T’sha B’av because although we know that everyone means well, some of the comments on some of these sites are very disturbing. People venting their personal anger will not achieve any positive results, but only be a distraction to what we klal yisroel have the ability to do and should do. Especially when some comments are so personal and calling out people by name. Just because Klal Yisroel can do better, that does not make us bad. There is no reason to take the route of loshon harah, rechilus, malbim pnei chaveiro, and a long list of other misdeeds. Malky was pained, and would have appreciated the support of klal yisroel, and I’m sure she does now, but she would not appreciate this. Please Li”n malka bas avrohom sholom, take the following poem to heart, heed the words, and undertake to help each other and the community in a positive way.”

The Two-Way Street:

Look both ways, when you cross the street,
It’s what we’re taught, while young and sweet,
At the curb stop moving your feet,
If on a bike, hop off of your seat,

Inspecting one side isn’t enough,
To a child, that may seem rough,
One direction can be perfectly clear,
Look the other way, be sure nothing’s there,

We never know which angle demands more attention,
When we’re concerned of dangers, and we seek prevention,
To halt injury, we take every precautionary measure,
No matter the difficulty, or extent of displeasure,

It seems that this lesson is ingrained for life,
As it’s repeated every generation, by husband and wife,
Although, the hidden message, we seem to have forgotten,
And the result is a behavior, smelly and rotten,

The awareness of late, to censor our devices,
To stop the devastation of the technology crisis,
Wanting to be pure, we made a conclusion,
Put on a filter and stop the pollution,

But what about the content we send out?
We are in control of that, without a doubt!
So why do we accept that it’s ok?
To share information that ruins someone’s day?

WhatsApp is a tool that can be used properly,
But how much Lashon Harah is shared instantly,
How many are humiliated by a mistaken picture or reflection,
How many embarrassed by chats to whom they have no connection,

We became connected to a world that does share,
Irrelevant Information, it’s very purpose unclear,
Ping, now I’m important, I hear something new,
It’s very funny, until the pun is you,

And about the comments people leave online?
Where are our sensitivities to act refined?
A blog isn’t a license to go against our morals,
And post whatever we’d like in the scroll down portals,

People get hurt their very lives destroyed,
By a comment someone posts while annoyed,
Hiding behind the screen, sending the message you prepared
Is cowardly and weak, why are you so scared?

And to those who feel proud by signing their name,
Arrogantly posing for a moment of fame,
‘I couldn’t care less’ is what they claim,
This self degradation is their ultimate shame,

If you were trying to help, can’t you think of someone better?
That can really correct things, if you write them a letter?
How will it benefit to post in this land mine?
Based on results, you’re wasting your time!

So my dear friends can we please try and think,
Before we pass along a clip or a link,
In a split second, before we can blink;
Can this be making someone’s face turn pink?

Is it really appropriate to send along?
Perhaps you should rather send a song,
That you’ve found to inspire yourself and your friend,
Something that will benefit you both in the end,

Guarding the inbox doesn’t keep us safe,
The outbox also has an element of ‘Treif’
Please be cautious when danger is near,
Look both ways before you ‘share’

We never know which direction causes more damage,
What causes our tragedies and illnesses that ravage,
If we are careful with ״שומר פיו ולשונו״
We are guaranteed ״שומר מצרות נפשו״

When we show that we are sensitive,
Not only to the feelings of a relative,
Hashem will see us truly as one,
And we’ll be Zoche that Moshiach will come!!!




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