The Veitzener Rov, Rav Yosef Moshe Meisels zt”l


rav-yosef-moshe-meisels-veitzener-rovIt is with great sadness that we report the passing of the Veitzener Rov, Rav Yosef Moshe Meisels zt”l. He was 89.

Rav Meisels was a son of the Veitzener Rov, Rav Tzvi Hirsch Meisels zt”l, author of Mekadshei Hasheim on the gedolim who perished in the Holocaust. Rav Tzvi Hirsch settled in Chicago after World War II.

Rav Meisels led the Veitzener Bais Medrash in Williamsburg, filling the position of his father as Rov.

The levaya will be held this evening at his bais medrash in Williamsburg. Kevurah will follow as the bais hachaim in Kiryas Yoel, NY.

Yehi zichro boruch.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. why wasn’t my post posted?

    its the honest true situation.

    a tragic shame & chillul Hashem cause now this newsletter will be all over facebook with the post I sent to MATZAV. now even the goyim will see it R”L & MATZAV caused it to go worldwide.

    what will you tell hashem? when you could have helped bring klal yisroel a step closer to teshuva

    look for your newsletter on Facebook

  2. “what will you tell hashem?”

    Indeed, what will YOU tell Hashem for your rechilus?

    Every time an elderly talmid chochom is niftar, you rant and rave about US having to do teshuva, or else.

    Keshoit atzmecha, v’achar kach keshoit acheirim.

  3. if this wasn’t true it wouldn’t be written.
    everyone is afraid to speak up & write the honest truth. (admit how wrong we are & how much teshuva we need to do) but im not afraid cause I stand with Hashem.

    its a tragic shame these tragedies are happening non-stop & everyone is living in denial thinking they can fool Hashem that we don’t get his wake-up call for teshuva.

    welcome to the generation lacking in FACING REALITY.

    DO YOU THINK YOU CAN FOOL HASHEM? if someone thinks that then he is the fool.

    a doctor cannot help his patient if the patient will not listen to him & take the medicine prescribed for him. Neither can a parent help their child stay frum/healthy if the child won’t listen

    Hashem can’t help us be saved-as the situation only worsens R”L-if we are not willing to listen to him & return to Hashem with pure teshuva as a nation together as one. (on all levels rather frum or reform or Zionist etc…)

    Let Hashem know when YOU are ready to return to him with YOUR brothers & then we will all be removed from “a time of non-stop horrific tzaros”

    May we all wake up very soon

  4. regarding your last sentence:

    I have been in a state of “mourning & crying” on behalf of every Yid in k lal Yisroel for over 10 years already R”L .

    From fasting 5. Days a week (When not Yom Tov) to crying tikkun chatzos in ripped mourners clothing and many more things in pain for the sake of my very brothers and the Tzaros that each one is going through


    How do you think i feel every time tragedy strikes k lal Yisroel when i know it could’ve been avoided?

    Can you perhaps comfort me with any words? NOBODY CAN cause only TESHUVA will stop this time of non stop tragedies and then I will not be an avel anymore.

    May we all do teshuva ASAP


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