TheZone Thanks Gilboa Town and Law Enforcement Officials


the-zone-gilboaOorah’s camp, TheZone Girls Division, hosted a gala appreciation luncheon for local Gilboa government and law enforcement officials, as reported by The Schoharie News. The event, which was a huge Kiddush Hashem, has become an annual occasion anticipated by the camp and guests alike.

This year’s luncheon featured a number of special highlights. On behalf of Oorah, Rabbi Avraham Krawiec, TheZone camp director, presented Gilboa Town Supervisor Anthony van Glad with a $7,500 donation to the township. Speaking before the camp body, Rabbi Krawiec emphasized to the girls the appreciation they owe to Mr. Van Glad and the town for being such gracious hosts of the camp every summer.

Special to this year’s luncheon was an additional presentation honoring the troops who helped Oorah and TheZone bring the case of our robbery this winter to a successful conclusion. Each official was presented with a beautiful plaque of appreciation.

As in previous years, the camp dining room exploded with energy as hundreds of campers put on an enthusiastic display of the camp song and dance. Throughout their visit, the officials were extremely impressed with the camp and its staff.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


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