Third Palestinian Intifada May Be Imminent, Says PA Report


palestiniansPalestinian security officials warned over the weekend that a third intifada might be imminent, despite Israeli assessments to the contrary.

Israel Defense Forces officials have deemed that recent attacks on Israel are “atmospheric attacks” that have not been directed by any of the major Palestinian terrorist groups.

But a report compiled by the Palestinian Authority’s security forces, leaked to the media over the weekend, warned that chances of a third intifada are very high. The report recommended that the PA formulate contingency plans to combat the possibility that a violent uprising would erupt, so that it would not be “dragged after the street like in the Second Intifada.”

“There is a lot of rage on the ground over the difficulties in the peace process and the continued settlement construction,” a senior Palestinian security official told Israel Hayom. Under these conditions, “an intifada is very likely,” the official said.


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  1. Hopefully not before the Syrian refugees return home and leave their huge refugee camps intact. The IDF might airdrop GPS units with driving instructions to the Infitahdusts.


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