Tonight: Forty-First Annual Dinner of Yeshiva of Far Rockaway


yechiel-perrThe annual dinner of a great yeshiva that has built a great community is always a cause for celebration. With joy and anticipation for future achievement, Yeshiva of Far Rockaway will hold its Forty-First Annual Dinner, tonight, Motzoei Shabbos, Parshas Yisro, February 6, at the yeshiva campus, located at 802 Hicksville Road in Far Rockaway.

Since its inception in 1969, the yeshiva has been one of the Torah foundations of the Far Rockaway and Five Towns communities. Its bais medrash is used throughout the year by baalei batim and community members of all ages who seek its hallowed environment to learn, daven and attend shiurim. The yeshiva is led by its rosh yeshiva, Rav Yechiel Perr, and its menahel, Rav Aaron Brafman.

This year’s honorees reflect the yeshiva‘s unswerving commitment to the highest standards of Torah learning and living. The evening’s Guests of Honor are Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Hadassah Weisz, dedicated parents of the yeshiva who are well-known for their ahavas haTorah and acts of chessed. They truly represent a flawless blend of the highest standards of Yiddishkeit and an ability to transform their successful lives into conduits to support Torah causes worldwide. As parents in the yeshiva, they have graced each yeshiva event with their ingratiating personalities and natural elegance.

In honoring Rav Avrohom Kleinkaufman as the distinguished Marbitz Torah awardee, the yeshiva is recognizing his nearly forty years of scholarship as well as brilliant pedagogic skills. Known as a premier mechanech for almost half a century, his life journey brought him from war-town Europe as a child to the Lower East Side and then to Brownsville. His perseverance transcended every obstacle, as he went on to become a brilliant talmid chochom, scholar, and writer. As a long-standing, beloved rebbi in the yeshiva, Rabbi Kleinkaufman has been a singular role model to countless talmidim. His massive bekius and penetrating lomdus, combined with an irrepressible sense of humor, have inspired generations of talmidim.

Dr. Aaron Mandel, a parent in the yeshiva, is this year’s distinguished Ahavas Chesed awardee. A prominent figure in the Flatbush community, Dr. Mandel is well known for his countless acts of chessed and his promotion of limud haTorah. Thousands of people have benefitted from the many programs, shiurim, and yarchei kallahs that he has initiated in his community.

The distinguished Alumni awardees are Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Tempelman. Both Reb Ephraim and his wife, Miriam, have given of themselves selflessly in their devotion to all activities and events on behalf of the yeshiva. Their special combination of warmth, integrity, and unswerving devotion to do the will of the Ribono Shel Olam has distinguished the Templemans as one of the yeshiva‘s most cherished alumni.

The annual dinner will be a unique opportunity for the extended yeshiva family to gather and celebrate the yeshiva‘s ongoing growth and expansion. Hosting the dinner on the yeshiva‘s own campus will enhance the evening’s themes of historical significance and accomplishment.

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